Fewer than 10 cars now qualify for the ‘American-Made Index’

Most “American’’ cars are not actually made in America.
Most “American’’ cars are not actually made in America. –RADEK MICA/AFP/Getty Images

Fewer than 10 cars can now be considered to be “American made,’’ according to one rigorous definition.

For the last nine years, Cars.com has crafted the American-Made Index, which is a list of cars that takes into account three factors: the percentage of the vehicle’s parts that were built in the United States or Canada, the final assembly point, and overall vehicle sales.

Five years ago, there were 29 cars on the list. Now, there are only seven.

Maybe most surprising is that the highest-ranked car on the Index is not even an American-brand car, but instead the Toyota Camry. The Toyota Sienna comes next and the Chevrolet Traverse is third. See the other cars that made the list here.


So what’s the deal? Is automotive production in the United States slowing down?

According to Cars.com, it is quite the opposite:

“It’s not that automakers are slowing U.S. production. If anything, the opposite is true: Excluding heavy-duty trucks and commercial vehicles, automakers assemble 101 models in this country for the 2015 model year, from Chevrolet sedans to BMW SUVs. These cars combine for the vast majority of new-car sales, and U.S. production remains on the rise. What is shrinking is the percent of overall domestic-parts content.’’

Patrick Olsen, editor-in-chief of Cars.com, told Fortune, “In 2011 23% of purchasing consumers would only buy American, a percentage that has jumped to 28% in 2015.’’

But most Americans would probably be surprised to learn which cars are “most American.’’

Here are some foreign cars you can’t buy in America:

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