New Boston company wants to help you record amazing dash cam videos

Waylens is promising to “put the fun back in the driver’s seat.’’
Waylens is promising to “put the fun back in the driver’s seat.’’ –Waylens, Inc.

A new company wants to provide car enthusiasts with a tool that allows them to shoot HD-quality videos without taking their hands off their wheel.

Boston-based Waylens, Inc. promises to “put the fun back in the driver’s seat’’ with a data-focused automatic camera system that connects to a vehicle’s computers with a wireless adapter. It is also offering a cloud-based software to store videos.

Waylens co-founder and chief marketing officer Michael Schmidt says his company’s product is designed for true car buffs who “already have a relationship with their car’’ and who invest money in after-market equipment.


“We knew wanted to build a camera the motor industry would find attractive,’’ said Schmidt in a phone interview. He also believes car buffs will find the Waylens camera stands apart from other car-focused systems because it draws data directly from a car’s operating system.

Waylens released a brief video comparing the video from its system to footage from a GoPro Hero 4.

“We wanted this to look like it could belong in the interior of a high-end luxury vehicle with beautiful design,’’ said Schmidt. “I think we’ve achieved that, but I’m biased.’’

Here’s how it works: Users can mount a Waylens camera to their car’s windshield using a suction cup mount. A device called an OBD-II connecter that is already paired with the camera through Bluetooth connects to the car’s computer port underneath the steering wheel. The OBD-II connector records car data, including speed and RPM, over the footage recorded by the mounted camera.

A remote that is also paired with the camera can be mounted on the steering wheel to help drivers make a note of specific highlights while they drive. The camera also acts as a Wi-Fi hotspot to transmit footage to a smartphone.


Waylens is also offering a mobile app, cloud software, and an editing system that allows users to store their footage, edit the highlights, and share their drives on social media. Schmidt says community-building is a key focus of Waylens’ technology.

“The mobile app will have a news feed where visitors can share their videos and cloud services where videos can be hosted,’’ he said.

Waylens launched a Kickstarter campaign on October 13 with the goal of raising $55,000. To date, the company’s campaign has raised over $335,000. Interested backers may buy packages starting at $299 that include a camera, OBD-II data connector, steering wheel remote, and a charging cable.

Schmidt said the Waylens app is not publicly available yet, only to consumers who purchase the equipment on Kickstarter.

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