Life-size Optimus Prime and Bumblebee are up for auction

The vehicles from the recent “Transformers’’ films and other iconic Hollywood cars could be yours.

A real-life Optimus Prime truck from Michael Bay’s “Transformers’’ movies is heading to the auction block.

Anyone who grew up during the 1980s could tell you that, in terms of must-have toys, an Optimus Prime action figure from the Transformers toy line was as good as it gets.

Soon, a nostalgic fan could have their chance to own Optimus Prime again. And this time, they could even drive it.

Auction house Barrett-Jackson is putting a life-size Optimus Prime truck featured in the first three “Transformers’’ movies from director Michael Bay up for sale at its auction in Scottsdale, Arizona later this month.

In addition, a 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS that played Prime’s loyal sidekick Bumblebee in “Transformers: Age of Extinction’’ is also available for bidding.

This 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS played “Bumblebee’’ in the fourth “Transformers’’ movie and is from the personal collection of director Michael Bay. —Courtesy of Barrett-Jackson

But buyers beware: These vehicles do not actually transform into gigantic, sentient robots. The winning bidder will not be buying a robot in disguise.

Though they don’t transform, these wheels do have more than meets the eye.


For starters, the Optimus Prime truck is a functional vehicle with a VIN and exhaust stacks that “produce a rumble distinctive to its character.’’ It is built on the body of a 1992 Peterbilt 379 tractor.

It has a custom mirror-finished aluminum bumper with matching aluminum wheels, tanks, and storage boxes. It also features tinted windows to give the illusion that the truck is driving itself, a series of lights to make the vehicle appear autonomous, and the Autobots emblem on the front grille.

Barrett-Jackson cautions buyers that the truck is being sold “as-is’’ and that it is currently not street legal and may not meet emissions requirements in all 50 states.

The 1967 Bumblebee Camaro is a 2-door coupe that comes from Michael Bay’s personal collection and co-starred alongside Mark Wahlberg in “Transformers: Age of Extinction,’’ the fourth film in the franchise.

Like the Optimus Prime truck, the Bumblebee Camaro is drivable and comes with a V8 engine and a 6-speed overdrive manual transmission. It is a “resto-modded’’ vehicle, meaning its classic appearance has been maintained while it has been fitted with modern enhancements. These enhancements include an updated suspension with heavy-duty, four-wheel disc brakes added, a touchscreen navigation and stereo system, leather seating, and air conditioning.


The Autobots emblem can be found on the Camaro’s rear bumper, steering wheel, and engine. It also comes with Michael Bay’s autograph.

Prices are available for serious bidders only.

In addition, Barrett-Jackson also plans to auction off a 1977 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am used to promote the classic chase film “Smokey and the Bandit’’ on January 30.

Breaker, breaker! A 1977 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am from the film “Smokey and the Bandit’’ is also up for auction. —Courtesy of Barrett-Jackson

And for “The Fast and the Furious’’ fans, a 1995 Volkswagen Jetta used in the original film is going up for sale. The car is currently owned by actor Frankie Muniz and is autographed by director Rob Cohen, Chad Lindberg, and the late Paul Walker.

A 1995 Volkswagen Jetta used in the “The Fast and the Furious’’ was is owned by actor Frankie Muniz and is signed by the late Paul Walker. —Courtesy of Barrett-Jackson

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