Massachusetts issued nearly $2.5M in EV rebates last year

A PLUGGER: Kaitlyn Buscone of Medfield charges up at the NRG EVgo Electric Vehicle Charging Station at Burlington Mall.
To date, the Bay State’s MOR-EV program has issued over 1,600 rebates. –REGAN COMMUNICATIONS

Massachusetts motorists took home about $2.5 million in rebates through the commonwealth’s electric vehicle (EV) rebate program last year.

The program, named Massachusetts Offers Rebates for Electric Vehicles (MOR-EV), was started in June 2014 in an effort to encourage Bay State residents to buy or lease electric vehicles by offering rebates of up to $2,500 for their purchase.

The program covers battery electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electrics powered by gasoline and electricity, and fuel cell electric vehicles.

To date, the program has issued 1,606 rebates to Massachusetts motorists valued at exactly $3,794,750. Of that amount, $2,457,750 in rebates was issued in 2015.

In December, the Massachusetts Department of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) issued 135 rebates, the most in a single month to date.


And the car brand with the most rebates is….

Tesla earned the award for most popular EV, receiving 412 rebates to date, more than any other auto manufacturer. Just behind the all-electric carmaker comes Chevrolet with 313 rebates, Nissan with 310, and Ford with 217.

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See the most popular alternate-fuel cars in Massachusetts in 2015:

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Katie Gronendyke, a spokesperson for EEA, says the commonwealth is actively working with automakers to help dealerships sell more electric vehicles. In 2014, Massachusetts entered an agreement with seven other states to put 3.3 million zero emission vehicles (ZEVs) on the road by 2025. Massachusetts’s share of that figure is 300,000 ZEVs.

While the Bay State is currently a long way from meeting its goal of getting 300,000 ZEVs on the road by 2025, Gronendyke expressed confidence that Massachusetts will meet its target.

“The Baker-Polito Administration is fully devoted to a clean energy future that reduces Massachusetts’ greenhouse gas emissions… and continues to implement multiple initiatives to increase the number of electric vehicles on the road,’’ said Gronendyke in a statement.

Gronendyke says the state is also working with private employers and MassDOT to build a larger network of charging stations. According to EEA, drivers are 20 percent more likely to purchase an EV if they can access a charging station at their workplace.


Massachusetts has also launched Mass Drive Clean, a campaign that offers test drives of electric vehicles in an effort to help residents learn more about them.

EVs at the New England Auto Show

Next week, the 2016 New England International Auto Show kicks off at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. ( and The Boston Globe are sponsoring the event.) According to a statement from Governor Charlie Baker’s office, over 25 alternative fuel vehicles will be on display at the show.

MOR-EV will have a booth at the auto show to answer questions about available state and federal rebates.

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