Fuel-friendly cars to celebrate Earth Day 2016

The proposal would create a series of benefits for owners and operators of electric vehicles.
Kelley Blue Book highlights 10 cars with excellent gas mileage. –Rich Pedroncelli / AP

April 22 is Earth Day. But if you’re an eco-conscious consumer, you might be looking for a vehicle that environmentally friendly all year.

Editors at Kelley Blue Book have selected 10 vehicles that get gas mileage of greater than 40 mpg. The list includes battery electric vehicles, hybrids and one hydrogen-powered vehicle.

The most expensive car on the list is a supercar hybrid worth slightly more than $140,000.

Kelley Blue Book’s executive editorial director Jack Nerad said KBB editors initially considered 30 vehicles before narrowing the list down to 10 finalists.

Automakers are working harder to meet the federal government’s Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) regulations, said Nerad. Congress passed the CAFE mandate in 1975 in an effort to get vehicle manufacturers to improve the fuel economies of cars and light trucks.


As automakers strive to improve the gas mileage in their vehicles, consumers looking to shrink their carbon footprint will have more options.

“Consumers in the market for an eco-friendly ride will be happy to learn there are tremendous options available in a variety of vehicle body styles and price points,’’ said Nerad in a statement.

Check out KBB’s 10 best fuel-friendly cars to observe Earth Day 2016.

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