‘My Honda Element makes noises in the winter and stays silent in the summer.’

The Car Doc weighs in.

Honda Element. Percent of original owners holding onto cars for 10 years: 23.1. Compared to average (13.5 percent): 1.7x
2011 Honda Element. –Honda

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Q: My 2007 Honda Element makes all sorts of noises, particularly during cold weather. When summer temperatures arrive, the noises go away. I hear the noise when I place the car in drive as well as when the car is moving. If I shift it back into park or neutral, the noise goes away. My mechanic thought it was a loose heat shield that was rattling; he secured it and some of the noises were resolved. However, the central noise remains. His next guess was a bad driveshaft bearing. Could that cause a noise when the car is in drive but not moving? I had a transmission specialist take a ride in my car and he clearly heard the sound. He did not suspect it was the transmission. Any advice?


A: I don’t suspect a driveshaft bearing or transmission issue. I am leaning toward an internal baffle in the muffler that is affected by both air and engine temperature. This engine can also have a characteristic buzz when coming down to an idle; it is especially noticeable in park or neutral. This is a normal characteristic of the engine oil pump and balance shaft assembly.

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