Racing champ Jeff Gordon pulls off priceless revenge prank

Remember that Pepsi ad where an unsuspecting car salesman was taken for a wild test drive by NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon? If not, watch below to refresh your memory:

In the ad, the award-winning driver disguises himself as an everyday guy looking for a test drive of a Chevy Camaro. He easily lulls the poor salesman into thinking that he’s an average joe, telling him the Camaro has “way too much power for me.’’

The ride starts off bumpy, but soon Gordon shows his real skills behind the wheel and the salesman screams as the Camaro picks up speed and tears around corners. Hidden cameras capture his terrified reaction.


Shortly after the ad came out last year, Jalopnik deputy editor Travis Okulski wrote a post calling the Pepsi ad a fake. Among his claims, Okulski says Gordon didn’t really drive the car in the ad. Instead, he claims it was driven by a stunt driver.

This claim must have struck a nerve with the racing star. Gordon decided to fire back at Okulski with another hidden camera stunt. This time he disguised himself as a cab driver and picked him up outside a hotel in Charlotte, N.C.

The video shows the two making small talk, when a police car suddenly starts trailing the cab. Gordon (disguised with a large tattoo on his neck) tells Okulski he’s getting nervous becaues he spent 10 years in the clink. A hidden camera catches Okulski’s surprised and slightly uncomfortable reaction.

The cab pulls over and Gordon plays the part of an ex-con at the end of his rope beautifully. He pounds the steering wheel and yells, “I can’t go back, man,’’ and then the real fun begins.

Gordon takes the terrified Okulski on a high-speed chase with the cop car in hot pursuit. The result is both terrifying and hilarious. Okulski pleads for the maniac cabbie to pull over and let him out, yelling, “Sir! Sir! Please stop!’’


Eventually, the ride comes to an end as Gordon pulls into a warehouse lined with Pepsi banners. Gordon leaves the driver’s seat, opens the door for Okulski and reveals the joke’s on him.

The good news is Okulski seems to have a good sense of humor about the whole thing. He and Gordon are seen shaking hands and hugging after the ruse is over.

Okulski recounted his crazy ride with Jeff Gordon for Jalopnik. However, he doesn’t back down from his original claims that the first Pepsi ad was a fake.

He expressed his concern about the “cry-wolf’’ effect on Twitter on Thursday morning:

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