10 kids’ books to read this October, according to local booksellers

We’ve compiled a list of children's books recommended by local bookstores your kids will love reading.

An Unlikely Story in Plainville. Barry Chin/Globe Staff

With the school year in session, kids around Massachusetts are developing an important skill — reading. Whether they’re old enough for chapter books or still listening to their teacher read, it’s important for kids to be exposed to books at a young age.

According to research from Ohio State University, children who are read just one book a day will hear around 290,000 more words than a child who is not read to, helping to expand their vocabulary.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of 10 children’s books recommended by local booksellers that your child will love, and will help them develop their reading skills.

“Bats in the Castle” by Kayla Whaley

The second installment of “Ron Roy’s A to Z Animal Mysteries,” this beginner chapter book follows Abbi Wallace, a young girl who uses a wheelchair, as she comes across a strange sound while recording bats in her home, an old castle. With her friends Lydia and Daniel, Abbi uncovers the mystery behind this peculiar sound.


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“How to Catch a Witch” by Alice Walstead

A group of friends go trick-or-treating only to discover that a witch has opened a magical portal, letting a bunch of scary creatures free. The friends must work together to catch the witch and send the creatures back before Halloween is ruined. This book is recommended for children between the ages of four and 10.

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“Julián at the Wedding” by Jessica Love

A young boy named Julián is attending a wedding with his abuela and is excited to be in the wedding party. During the wedding, he makes a new friend, Marisol, and when they run into the unexpected, they learn the importance of having a good friend. This book is recommended for children between four and eight years old.

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“Mazie’s Amazing Machines” by Sheryl Haft

Meet Mazie, a young girl who loves to problem-solve. Whether she’s helping her mom move something heavy or waking her brother up in time for school, Mazie is ready to invent a machine to get the job done. Add to your reading experience of this book by joining Hummingbird Books on Oct. 15 for a reading of the book, followed by a group STEAM activity.

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“Nothing Else But Miracles” by Kate Albus

In this historical fiction book, three siblings are left to fend for themselves after their father goes to fight in World War II. Although the neighbors are helping the trio, their landlord soon finds out they’re on their own, alerting authorities. This book is meant for children in the middle grades.


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“Rez Dogs” by Joseph Bruchac

Told in verse, this book follows Malian, a young girl who is visiting her grandparents on a Wabanaki reservation when the COVID-19 lockdown starts, meaning she has to stay until it ends. However, she isn’t worried, as she protects her grandparents and they protect her. A dog on the reservation joins their family, and Malian knows the dog will protect them, too.

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“Room on the Broom” by Julia Donaldson

A witch flying on her broom loses some important items, but three kind animals help to get them back in exchange for a ride on her broom. Along the way, the group must figure out if there’s enough room on the broom for everyone, and the animals must save the witch from a hungry dragon. This book is recommended for kids between the ages of three and seven.

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“Stella” by McCall Hoyle

A detection dog named Stella is retired after an explosive goes off during a routine inspection, scaring her. Stella is adopted by a young girl named Cloe, and she realizes that she can smell a chemical on Cloe just before she has a seizure. Will Stella be able to make her family realize that she is able to help Cloe and become a service dog?


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“Tell Me About Space!” by Lisa Varchol 

This out-of-this-world board book teaches children fun facts about space, like how the Earth is always spinning or which planets other than Saturn have rings. The book is set up in a question-and-answer format, where the child asks what happens, and the grown-up answers with a rhyme. 

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“The Memory Thieves” by Dhonielle Clayton

Ella returns for her second year at Arcanum Training Institute, a school for Marvellian students. However, she must learn to balance her schoolwork with her growing fame after stopping a villain. When she’s suspected of being involved with a new mysterious illness, she and her friends must save themselves and the rest of the school.

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