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Tell us: If you were in charge of the Red Sox, what moves would you make?

This winter will be one of the most important offseasons in the Red Sox' recent history. How would you make these moves?

Red Sox manager Alex Cora and President Sam Kennedy will have plenty of major decisions to make this offseason, Matthew J. Lee/Globe Staff

Playoff baseball is in full swing, but the Boston Red Sox’ offseason has already started.

Red Sox

The Red Sox ended their 2023 season with a 78-84 record, which earned them a last-place finish in the AL East for the third time in four years. Once the club’s fate was sealed, the team’s top decision-makers began cleaning house, firing chief baseball officer Chaim Bloom, pitching coach Dave Bush and third base coach Carlos Febles.

The Red Sox are determined to escape the clutches of the AL East’s basement and re-emerge as playoff contenders. As a result, their front office will almost certainly have to make changes to a roster that was not capable of taking them there.


If you were hired to build the Boston Red Sox’ roster this offseason, what changes would you make to the team? Which free agents would you sign and what contracts would you give them? What players would you pursue in trades and what players would you be willing to give up? Which current Sox players would you offer contract extensions to, and who are you willing to let walk or even cut?

Let us know what you would do by sharing your plans in the form below for a chance to be featured in a follow-up article. For today, the future of the Red Sox is in your hands!

What would you like the Red Sox to do this offseason?

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