Do you have a Ticketmaster horror story? You can vent to us.

Taylor Swift fans aren't alone.

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Ticket Trauma

If you’re one of the scorned Taylor Swift fans burned by last week’s Ticketmaster fiasco, you know this all too well.

But if you weren’t among the legions — likely millions — crushed by failing to snag a ticket to the pop superstar’s upcoming Eras Tour, you probably felt their pain anyway.

Dealing with Ticketmaster has, increasingly, become one of those things we all like to gripe about. It’s a mind-numbing experience akin to dealing with customer service for seemingly any airline or cable company, heck, even the DMV. A pantheon of purchasing pain.

Maybe you missed out on becoming one of those coveted “verified fans” for your favorite band’s ticket presale, or perhaps the whole digital age of ticket sales doesn’t sit well with your Wi-Fi or laptop. (This reporter vividly remembers a luckless day trying to get Black Keys tickets from his 3G-cell phone during his high school free period.)


Yes, the days of buying tickets in your go-to record shop, calling up a 1-800 number, or even camping out for tickets sound practically prehistoric now. Even then there were still challenges and hurdles in scoring a seat to a sold-out show, no question.

But nightmare-level scenarios involving Ticketmaster feel like they’ve hit a boiling point as of late.

Over the summer, fans of rock icon Bruce Springsteen were stunned at how Ticketmaster’s “dynamic pricing” system used demand to automatically jack-up prices, with some tickets reportedly going for $5,000.

And that pales in comparison now to the infamous pre-sale woes, astronomically high ticket prices, and the breakdown of Ticketmaster’s general sale for the Swift tour, all of which have been well-documented since it went down last week.

Swift even slammed Ticketmaster herself, saying the whole debacle “really pisses me off.”

Ticketmaster has apologized for the problems, for the record.

But matters have apparently now hit legal proportions. Several state attorneys general are launching investigations and a U.S. Senate antitrust committee is set to hold a hearing about competition — or lack thereof — in the ticket sales industry.

So, amidst the Ticketmaster turmoil, we’re asking you, readers, what are your ticket-buying horror stories? You know, the ones that still make you want to scream into the night with frustration over the shows you didn’t see — or even the ones you did, but at what cost?


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