Watch: Andover mom and her kids perform a ‘Snow Day’ song

“Escape from the hustle and bustle for a little bit and enjoy your family," Lauren Sprague said.

Maddie Alexander (r) puts her hands up to block a snowball from her brother Collin (l) during a snowball fight as they enjoy a snow day. Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff

When winter’s got you down, snow days are the perfect pick-me-up.

So says Lauren Sprague of Andover, who decided to write and compose “Snow Day,” to celebrate the fun and warmth of staying in for a snow day. With the help of her children, Maggie and Sean, she performed it for anyone who wants to add a soundtrack to their day.

“[Snow days] can be such a special time to be home with your kids and just shut down and turn things off,” Sprague told “Escape from the hustle and bustle for a little bit and enjoy your family and spending time outside in the snow.”


Sprague, who works as a music teacher, knows how much music plays a role in the winter season. But come January, the typical holiday songs feel less relevant even if you want to continue celebrating the season. Sprague decided to write and compose “Snow Day,” and with the help of her children, perform it for anyone who wants to add a soundtrack to their day.

“Snow days are so fun but when I actually started looking for songs about snow days, I really couldn’t find any,” she said. For inspiration Sprague said she turned to things she loved to do as a child on a snow day and the traditions she has with her own kids. 

Music has been a big part of Sprague and her children’s lives. During the height of the pandemic when most schools were still closed and classes were remote, she began recording and sharing music with her students through a Youtube channel she created. Her children, also at home for remote learning, often helped her perform the pieces. 

When they aren’t singing together, Sprague and her family’s snow day traditions involve cooking. One tradition that’s been in her family since her father was a child is to make a soup they call “red devils.” The recipe calls for tomato soup, melted cheddar cheese, and saltines. Also on the list of snow day treats are mugs of hot cocoa. 


Friday’s snow marks the first big snowfall of the season for Massachusetts, after weeks of unusually warm and snow-free weather. Sprague, who admits she isn’t the biggest fan of snow when it turns “dirty, cold, and gray,” said today’s snow is more than welcome. 

“This kind of day is perfect because it just looks so pretty and beautiful,” she said. 

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