Brazilian fast-casual spot Bom Dough opens in Inman Square

Their specialty features a gluten-free cheese bread.

Baked goods and pot pies served fresh at Bom Dough. Photo courtesy of Bom Dough

Cambridge has a new spot to fill up on gluten-free cheese bread.

Bom Dough, or “good dough” in Portuguese, opened on Sept. 23 in Inman Square featuring Brazilian dishes, which according to chef and owner Marcia Chemim, combines influences from a variety of different cultures.

“My mission has always been to introduce my culture’s flavors,” Chemim said. “With Brazil, we’re a melting pot. It’s a mixture of Japanese, Italian, and African cuisine, all in this one country. I’ve always been really passionate about that, and my goal has always been to create a restaurant similar to a Panera or Chipotle concept, where Brazilian and other cultures are introduced, at a casual situation, rather than a fine dining place.”


A pastry staple on the menu is the cheese bread, or pão de quejo, which is made with slightly tangy mozzarella and parmesan. Chemim said that she strives to serve “comfort food with a twist,” like the chicken and corn pot pie and the short rib, spinach, and cheese pot pie. For lunch, guests can try the pesto gnocchi or the yakisoba, Japanese stir fry noodles. Additional menu items include acai bowls, soups, and salads. Finally, there are several specialty drink options to choose from like the mango matcha latte and honey chamomile latte.

Chemim chose the Inman Square location in order to bring affordable, quality food to students and families. In designing the space, she maintained its prior structure keeping the marble counters and reused benches from the previous restaurant. Guests should feel comfortable and relaxed when they come in, she added.

“One of the things that stands out the most about Brazil is its ingredients and how we use certain ingredients to make a whole bunch of different items,” Chemim said. “For example, the cassava flour. It’s gluten free, and it’s made from the yucca plant. It’s a very versatile and dynamic product, and we’re able to play around with it and create new items.”


Bom Dough, 1271 Cambridge St., Cambridge

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