‘Chowda Day’ to be officially recognized in Boston

“Legal Sea Foods has been a tremendous advocate for the City of Boston,” Boston City Council President Ed Flynn said in a press release.

New England clam chowder at Legal Sea Foods. Photo courtesy of Galdones Photography/Legal Sea Foods

It’s official: Jan. 15 will be declared “Chowda Day” in Boston.

New England restaurant chain Legal Sea Foods announced that its annual “Chowda Day” celebration will be formally recognized in Boston. Boston City Council President Ed Flynn is expected to give a proclamation, with remarks from Legal Sea Foods and Boston Children’s Hospital, on Jan. 12.

“We are thrilled to officially proclaim Jan. 15 as ‘Chowda Day,’” Flynn said in a press release. “Legal Sea Foods has been a tremendous advocate for the City of Boston, giving back in various city-wide charitable initiatives over the decades, and we are excited to honor them with this special recognition.”


The restaurant celebrates “Chowda Day” by offering customers a $1 cup of New England clam chowder on the holiday, according to the release. Proceeds benefit research at Boston Children’s Hospital. Last year, Legal Sea Foods sold over 9,000 units, the release stated.

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