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Scavenger hunt contest update

Posted by Teresa Hanafin  February 9, 2011 08:45 AM

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I've been looking over your terrific entries in the scavenger hunt contest - there are some really excellent images in the group. I'm glad that you have been able to fulfill the requirements of the list and be artistic at the same time -- bravo!

I do have some thoughts about the photos. If we get a lot of entries, we may have to be picky in terms of who met the criteria of the list items, so here are some suggestions that may increase your chances of making it to the finals.

1. Make sure your clocks are set precisely at 8:08.

2. Your Boston terriers have to be easily and definitely identifiable as such. It's not always clear with puppies.

3. Ditto champagne glasses. While it's important to be creative, don't forget to make the object easily identifiable. Make sure it's not a wine glass; show the distinctive stem and bowl.

4. Same with the rocking chair. If we can't see the rockers on the bottom ...

5. Traffic lights. Remember, the item says that the red light has to be facing you. I understand that you have to get a bit of an angle in order to get some of the green light in the photo, but standing smack between the two lights with each of them at the same angle doesn't match what the item says.

6. White steepled church. I didn't hyphenate white-steepled on purpose. I don't want a photo of a church with a white steeple. I want a photo of a white church that has a steeple. The church has to be all white. And it's not a photo of a steeple; it's a photo of a white church with a steeple.

7. Snow pile. It has to be clear that the snow pile is taller than the adult in the photo. In some photos, it is not clear.

8. Red SUV. Same issue -- we have to be able to verify that the red vehicle in the photo is, indeed, an SUV, and not a truck or van. Seeing the name of the vehicle is fine.

9. Same with the police officer: He or she has to be in uniform.

10. Kids sledding. That's plural.

Several people have asked questions in the comments section of the scavenger hunt announcement post, and I've answered all of them so far (I think), so please read over all of the comments - there may be answers to questions you have.

I've also added some clarifying information to the scavenger hunt list based on some of the questions I've received. Please don't hesitate to ask more ... just post them in the comments and I'll answer.

Meanwhile, we're getting a great response to the contest. Here are the Flickr screen names of the people who have posted photos so far:

Jenn Burdick Photography
Madman WIth A Camera
JessicaP 617
Undercover Ladybug
Sicilian NO 7728
[on a good day]
Dark Faerie Designs Photography

When you start adding photos and tagging them for the contest, you can check to make sure they are entered correctly by doing a search on the contest tags. Or just check this search results page:

If you don't see your photos in the search results at the URL above, leave a comment here or on the original post, or write to

Thanks again for taking this on ... I hope you're having fun.

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