Quiz: Who should be the next Massachusetts governor?

Take our 11-question quiz to see if you align more with Maura Healey or Geoff Diehl.

Maura Healey and Geoff Diehl at Thursday's debate
Massachusetts gubernatorial candidates Maura Healey (left) and Geoff Diehl faced one another at their final debate in Needham. Carlin Stiehl for the Boston Globe

The race for the next governor of Massachusetts is coming to a close with Election Day just days away on Nov. 8. Bay Staters have a choice between Geoff Diehl and Maura Healey for the leadership they think is best for our state. 

In a final written interview with Boston.com before Election Day, Republican candidate Geoff Diehl said he wanted readers to know he’s “the candidate who stands for individual freedom and individual choice.” Meanwhile, Maura Healey, the Democratic candidate and front-runner of the race, has made a pitch for a progressive vision for the state.


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Both candidates have promised to make Massachusetts more affordable, grow the economy, and protect the rights of its residents, but there are key distinctions in how they plan to make that happen. 

To help voters get a better sense of which candidate to vote for, we’ve created an 11-question quiz. Take our quiz to find out which candidate’s policy proposals you most align with.