Quiz: Which Halloween candy are you?

Take our Boston.com quiz to discover the Halloween treat that best fits your personality.

No Halloween is complete without a bucket of candy.

Trick or treat! Halloween is nearly here and you may have started searching for a clever costume or shopping for treats to hand out. But if you still need some help getting into the spirit of the holiday, we’ve put together a quiz that answers the age old question: What Halloween candy are you?

This short quiz will ask you questions in order to best match you to the candy that fits your personality. So, are you a Twix bar? A Milky Way? We drew our candy choices from Boston.com readers’ top seven picks named last year. Questions range from your favorite celebrity to your preferred flavors and textures. Results are calculated based on the type of answer you picked the most, while some questions are weighted more than others.


Take our quiz below to find out the Halloween treat that best represents you, and we may feature overall reader results in an upcoming Boston.com article.