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Marissa Gallo is running for Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital

"Running for Spaulding, I am able to do something I love and help support those who are fighting everyday for strength just like my cousin."

Marissa Gallo crossing the finish line
Marissa Gallo is running to raise money for the Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, where her cousin regained his strength after being struck by a car. Marissa Gallo

In our “Why I’m Running” series, Boston Marathon runners share what’s inspiring them to make the 26.2-mile trek from Hopkinton to Boston. If you’re running the marathon, you can share your #WhyImRunningBoston story here.

Name: Marissa Gallo
Age: 27
From: South Boston

I am running the 2021 Boston Marathon as a reminder to myself that I am lucky enough that I can.

Do not take for granted your abilities and what you can accomplish because every day that I am able to run I am grateful.

In 2014 my cousin was struck by a car crossing the street while attending Clemson University. He was in a coma and the future held so much uncertainty. Our family worked closely with the doctors at Mass General to have him transferred to Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital because of its incredible reputation. Slowly over time his conditions improved and the Spaulding staff worked with him month after month to help regain his ability to do everyday things like eating, walking, and talking. He was provided with the resources he needed to be successful and regain his strength and do all of the things he loves.


Spaulding Rehab continues to change the lives of everyone who walks through their doors. The experience brings to light a whole new appreciation for the medical staff who are there to support families throughout the journey.

Running the marathon was always a dream for me. I wanted to be able accomplish something so many do not or cannot. Now running for Spaulding I am able to do something I love and help support those who are fighting everyday for strength just like my cousin.

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