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Tim Choquette is running for the Herren Project, which helped his friend reach sobriety

"They gave my best friend an opportunity to live, and to live freely."

Tim Choquette is running for the Herren Project, which gave his friend, now four years sober and clean, an opportunity to live freely. Tim Choquette

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Name: Tim Choquette
Age: 33
From: Lake Worth, Fla.

“My God Moment” Oct. 6, 2010: I was blessed to have the willingness and wherewithal to choose and accept sobriety into my life. I didn’t just leave the drugs and drinking behind when I left Massachusetts to start over in Florida. I left all of my friends and family.


One of my best friends from childhood who also took the same negative path as me was one of the people that I was most sad to leave behind. This caused me to feel a lot of guilt.

It was the hardest part of sobriety for me was leaving and not saying goodbye, never looking back. No matter how much it needed to happen, it hurt, it really hurt inside. But I trusted God. I knew I couldn’t fix myself or anyone else, so I took the advice given to me.

A little over four years ago I got a text from my sister, that he was living 15 minutes from me and she heard he is sober. My best friend was granted with a scholarship for treatment from the Herren Project. The Herren Project didn’t know anything about him, just that he needed help and he was willing to go to treatment.

Today he now has a little over four years clean and sober, lives a good life and currently works in treatment. I will always respect and support the Herren Project because they gave my best friend an opportunity to live, and to live freely.


I will run this race and many others for the Herren Project because I would like to give as many people the opportunity to have back that person they would do anything for!

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