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This is the best true-crime podcast, according to readers

"Smart, funny women getting drunk and talking true crime.”

More than 200 readers named Wine & Crime as their favorite true crime podcast.

If you can’t get enough of the dark twists and turns of a good true-crime story, then readers have you covered with recommendations for your next favorite true-crime podcast.

This month, the Book Club is all about the creepy and satisfying rush of a great crime story. This month the current read has been two crime fiction novels by local author and journalist Hank Phillippi Ryan. The first, “Her Perfect Life,” Ryan’s 13th novel, came out earlier this month as well as Ryan’s 12th novel, “The First to Lie,” which came out in paperback in January.


Knowing that fans of the genre tend to also be fans of crime-related podcasts, we asked readers for their podcast recommendations and they delivered. The most popular genre among readers was by far true crime, which got 99% of the vote with 312 respondents saying they preferred it over podcasts in similar genres like mystery, crime fiction, and thriller. 

The go-to podcast for 246 of our readers was Wine & Crime, a true-crime and comedy podcast hosted by three childhood best friends, who go over criminal cases over glasses of wine. Readers praised that podcast, and many others, for seamlessly weaving the seriousness of the cases the cover with some dark humor. 

“Smart, funny women getting drunk and talking true crime,” said Varley from Braintree, who was among the many readers who named Wine & Crime as a favorite.

Below you’ll find the top five podcasts true crime enthusiasts are listening to as well as a sampling of other podcasts in the same vein. 

Responses have been lightly edited for length and clarity. 

Wine & Crime

“The hosts truly care about the victims. They are funny without making light of the crimes they are discussing. The banter between them is infectious.” — Anonymous


“This show has made me laugh the hardest I’ve ever laughed. The three hosts are so hilarious, witty, and with the unparalleled chemistry of best friends since elementary school. I also really love their unique format where two of them present their stories and the third is in charge of psych/background for the topic, which has ranged from forensic odontology to foreskin crimes. You never know what you’re going to get but you’re guaranteed to pee yourself laughing.” — Anonymous

“The blend between crime and comedy! Keeping it light in an appropriate manner while talking about dark topics.” — Nicole Grenier, Shoreham, Vt.

My Favorite Murder

“Not only do Karen and Georgia discuss true crime stories but they discuss their troubles with mental health and the importance of therapy. They’re funny and bring light to dark topics and they discuss social justice. The community created by their podcast has resulted in Murderinos coming together to help and support each other across the world.” — Anonymous

“Two down-to-earth gals, not afraid to tell you how it is while telling jokes along the way. They are real and it’s just like sitting with a couple of friends telling about their favorite murders.” — Anonymous

Morbid: A true crime podcast

“Ash and Alaina are the best! It is a tough topic, but they handle it with grace and humor every single time. They make me feel as if I was their friend.” — Emily, Logan, Ut.   


“The hosts are local — from Bridgewater — and they give the stories a local flair. They are also huge advocates for the victims and don’t glamorize the crimes.” — Sarah, Stow

“They make me laugh but also have the facts! I love the perspectives they give. I always come back to them!” — Sarah, Cleveland, Ohio

Crime Junkie

“Started over 3 years ago and the podcasters make real research, give facts, have a global/bigger aim to their podcast than just selling merch, and of course, are soothing in voice and storytelling style to the ear.” Laure Nouvellon, France    

Anatomy of a Murder

“The hosts of Anatomy of Murder are a former prosecutor and detective. Each week, they focus on a new true-crime story and tell it from the perspective of preparing a case for trial. I appreciate the hosts’ commentary based on their training and experience.” — Kate, Reading occasionally interacts with readers by conducting informal polls and surveys. These results should be read as an unscientific gauge of readers’ opinion.

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