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Boston Marathon race director: ‘I’m going to run this race every year for the rest of my life’

Dave McGillivray will run his 50th Boston Marathon on Monday.

Boston Marathon race director Dave McGillivray looks on from the platform at the start of the 2017 Boston Marathon in Hopkinton, Mass.

In our “Why I’m Running” series, Boston Marathon runners share what’s inspiring them to make the 26.2-mile trek from Hopkinton to Boston.

Name: Dave McGillivray
Age: 67
From: North Andover

I’m the race director of the Boston Marathon and also president of DMSE Sports. As to why I’m running in the race — well, in 1973, I ran my first Boston Marathon and when I finished, I said to myself, I’m going to run this race every year for the rest of my life.

But then, in 1988, I got off the job to help direct it and I had a difficult decision to make, but I decided to take the job. And when I was standing at the finish line, I felt like well, I didn’t run today so I went back out at 8 o’clock at night and finished at 11 o’clock at night — and I’ve been doing it that way for the last 34 years.


So, this will be my 35th year at night and my 50th overall.

I want to reach out to all of you and wish you the best of luck. I’ll see you at the starting line and then I’ll bring up the rear and be the last finisher once again. Looking forward to it. Best of luck.

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