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Here’s how readers scored on’s Celtics quiz

Only a small percentage cemented their super fan status.

Ime Udoka reportedly lit a fire under the Celtics in their Game 3 win with one quesiton. Elsa/Getty Images

With the Celtics battling it out with the Golden State State Warriors in the NBA Finals, asked readers to test their past and present Celtics knowledge.

More than 700 readers took’s quiz, many faring well, scoring an average 6.87 out of 10 questions correctly.

Only 35 readers reached Celtics super fan status, answering 10 out of 10 questions correctly on the quiz.

To do so, those readers had to be in the 39.2% of respondents who correctly answered our most challenging question about older players on the Celtics youthful roster.

Nearly all, upwards of 90%, of readers correctly answered questions about the longest serving Celtics player (Marcus Smart) and Celtics player with Finals experience (zero).


With the Celtics Finals fate to be determined Thursday night at the TD Garden, see how readers did on our 10 question quiz. It may take help take care of the stress before Game 6.

Before this series, when was the last time the Celtics played in the NBA Finals?

Correct Answer: 2010

Which player on the Celtics roster has been on the team the longest?

Correct answer: Marcus Smart

How many players on the Celtics have in the NBA Finals?

Correct Answer: 0

The Finals will be the first for 15 year veteran Al Horford. Horford had the record for the most playoff games without a Finals appearance. How many playoff games did he play before reaching the Finals?

Correct answer: 141

If the Celtics win the NBA Finals, Ime Udoka will be the first rookie head coach to win the finals since 2019 when Nick Nurse led the Raptors to a championship. Who won an NBA Finals in their first year as a head coach?

Correct Answer: Steve Kerr (Warriors, 2015)

The Celtics-Warriors have met in The Finals once before. What year did they play?

Correct answer: 1964

Marcus Smart, gritty Celtics star, has been a key player to the Celtics success this season, winning defensive player of the year in the process. Marcus Smart is the first Celtic to win defensive player of the year since which player?

Correct answer: Kevin Garnett

The Celtics have a youthful roster with several players in their 20s. How many Celtics who have played in the playoffs this season are 30 or older?

Correct answer: 2

Celtics guard Derrick White recently had a son named Hendrix. Which Celtics player’s son is also named Hendrix?

Correct answer: Robert Williams

Celtics big man Daniel Theis is the third German born player to play in the NBA Finals. What other German born player has played in the NBA Finals? (two answers are correct!)

Correct Answers: Dirk Nowitzki, Detlef Schrempf