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Kaybea Collection offers a quality shopping experience for women of all ages

“I want people to have pieces that they can wear year after year.”

Kaybea Collection in Charlestown decorated for the holidays. Photo courtesy Kayla King

Nestled in Charlestown, just a short walk from the Bunker Hill Monument, is Kaybea Collection, a clothing boutique offering trending, quality women’s styles.

Kaybea Collection’s story starts in the early days of the pandemic. Kayla King, the boutique’s owner and a UConn alum, left the corporate world after realizing working from home wasn’t for her. She took a job at Charlestown cafe and said she took inspiration from other local businesses while figuring out what she wanted to do before eventually buying the storefront.

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“Once I really started to look at what I wanted to do, I looked at the other small businesses in the area and knew that was something that I wanted to do…I loved fashion, I loved clothes, and I loved the small community feel of small businesses. I found a space, and it was a dream location, and I just kind of went for it about a year and a half ago, and slowly figured it out,” King said.


An important part of Kaybea Collection, which King named after her childhood nickname, is to keep up with trends, but also offer quality products that will last.

“I want to be an authentic clothing retailer. I don’t go too much into fast fashions, I want people to have pieces that they can wear year after year. I try to stay on trend, but I don’t do too trendy,” King said.

One thing readers love about Kaybea Collection is that it offers styles appealing to customers of all ages, making it an enjoyable experience for all.

“Such a cute store! It’s a new store, but the owner seems to have the eye for fashion for women of all ages! I’m 55 and my daughter is 23 and we both have been able to find items that we both love,” said reader Deb K.

This is important to King, who said she has a wide range of customers and wants to “have something for everyone.”

The exterior of Kaybea Collection, located in Charlestown. Photo courtesy Kayla King

“I have customers who are from teenagers at 18 all the way to, I had a woman in her 70s come in and find a few sweaters. I try to have something for everyone, and I feel like I do a good job at keeping things age-neutral,” she said, also noting that it ties into the community feel of Charlestown, where everyone feels included and involved.


Some of the most popular items of clothing sold at Kaybea Collection include sweaters and wedding guest dresses.

“People come in right before a wedding if they have a wedding that weekend but they tried to rent a dress or something and it didn’t work out,” King said. “And then sweaters, I have a lot of moms who come in, so they’re always looking for something cozy, but that makes them feel a little bit more put together.”

Charlestown is the right neighborhood for Kaybea Collection to be in, King says, as she thinks the store wouldn’t have worked as well if she’d located somewhere else.

“I just love the community in Charlestown, it’s a neighborhood feel but it’s still Boston, so you still get the traffic from the North End and other neighborhoods in Boston. But Charlestown, it just has a lot of walking traffic, and I just got along with the other business owners, so it just was a perfect location,” she said.

King feels the community is right for the boutique, and Charlestown residents feel the same, with readers from the neighborhood saying the boutique is a welcomed new member of the community.


“Owner is very friendly and there are always fun promotions going on,” said reader Victoria from Charlestown. “It’s a great addition to the community.”

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