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Gov. Maura Healey was right to prioritize replacing the Sagamore Bridge, according to readers

“One is better than zero.”

The Sagamore Bridge. John Tlumacki/Globe Staff

Gov. Maura Healey announced Monday that in order to accelerate replacing the Cape Cod bridges — which are both approaching 90 years old — she would apply for funding one bridge at a time. 

Cape Cod Bridges:

Healey has decided to focus on the Sagamore Bridge first. Her office is preparing to apply for $1.45 billion in grant money to replace the bridge.

The Sagamore Bridge’s direct access to Route 6, Cape Cod’s main highway, and higher traffic numbers contributed to the decision to prioritize it, Healey’s office said in an email.

However, selecting the Sagamore Bridge over the Bourne Bridge led some Cape Cod officials to raise concerns.


“Not having funds identified specifically for the Bourne Bridge replacement is a concern,” said Paul Niedzwiecki, chief executive of the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce, to the Boston Globe. “What we want to avoid is any misalignment between the planning and permitting of both bridges, and the financing.”

We asked readers how they felt about Healey’s decision to replace the Sagamore Bridge first. The majority of readers (about 81%) supported the decision.

Do you agree with Gov. Healey prioritizing the Sagamore Bridge over the Bourne Bridge?

Readers who agreed with Healey emphasized the current state of both the Sagamore and Bourne bridges, such as reader CC from Bourne who called the bridges “a disaster waiting to happen.” Many readers said something needs to be done about the bridges soon, and they’d rather one safe bridge than none.

“More likely to get federal funding to get started,” said reader Monte P. from Burlington. “Going 1 for 1 is much better than going 0 for 2. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bushes.”

Other readers also reiterated the traffic concerns and the Sagamore’s proximity to the highway. Reader Jeffrey B. from Cambridge said “access to Route 6 should be a priority.”

Some readers disagreed with the decision to prioritize the Sagamore Bridge, however. Reader Jim from Falmouth cited safety concerns at the Bourne Rotary, which he described as “a crazy mess during the summer months.” The rotary is located just after the Bourne Bridge, and a crash by it last month sent someone to the hospital.


Read below to see why readers agreed with prioritizing the Sagamore Bridge, or why they think the Bourne Bridge should be considered as well.

Some responses have been lightly edited for clarity.

Yes, the Sagamore Bridge should be prioritized

“We have to start somewhere! Any progress, in any way, is a positive. Also, we need one bridge completed and done before starting on another. Having two bridges under construction at the same time would be absolutely horrific.” — KC, Reading

“I live between the bridges and see the traffic daily. The Sagamore is busier. Also, the Bourne bridge will need to reconstruct or eliminate the Bourne rotary as it is a bottleneck for traffic flow. When schools are in session it is jammed up every morning and afternoon when school begins and ends. Doing the Sagamore first makes more sense.” — Tom G., Bourne

“It is the primary access point to the most populated parts of the Cape. Route 6 carries far more traffic than Rte 28.” — JGW, Scituate/Osterville

“More likely to get federal funding to get started. Going 1 for 1 is much better than going 0 for 2. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bushes.” — Monte P., Burlington


“Need to start this replacement asap. When one of the bridges fails, then action will be taken. The bridges are 40 years past their life expectancy. This is a disaster waiting to happen.” — CC, Bourne

“It’s much more targeted and therefore likely to garner attention. I don’t understand why the state, really, should have to do anything, if the bridges are federally-owned bridges. They need repair, the money should be automatically allocated. (It clearly should have happened in 1985, when they hit the 50 year mark. Now, almost 40 years later we are getting to this??)” — Matt, Quincy

“One is better than zero.” — Gino, Chatham

“I use the Sagamore several times each summer and access to Route 6 should be a priority.” — Jeffrey B., Cambridge

“I feel the lanes on Sagamore are much smaller and makes it hard to drive on regardless of traffic.” — Rita, Canton

“If it gets this started, then let’s get it started. Not worth waiting to see if both get funded.” — Patrick, Scituate

“It simply makes sense to replace the one that gets the most use first.” — Eric, Needham

“The bridges are obsolete and unsafe. The volume of traffic under these conditions with narrow oncoming lanes leads to multiple accidents and fatalities. Government money should be allocated for this historic structure and ensure safe travel.” — Frank G., Harwich

“Two at the same time would be very disruptive to people who live on the Cape and commute to Boston 3-5 days per week.” — Anonymous, Mashpee

No, one bridge shouldn’t be prioritized over another

“Bourne rotary is a crazy mess during summer months.” — Jim, Falmouth


“The Bourne Bridge is used for the most direct access to Joint Base Cape Cod.” — Kevin K., Holbrook

“The state should finance the construction of both bridges rather than relying on the federal government. Use bonds to fund the project and tolls to pay off the bonds. Relying on the federal government for funding is a recipe for disaster.” — John, Falmouth

“They are both obsolete and at this point probably unsafe. The longer this goes, the more of a chance of a catastrophic failure.” — Anonymous occasionally interacts with readers by conducting informal polls and surveys. These results should be read as an unscientific gauge of readers’ opinion.