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Readers share stunning photos of fall foliage around New England

From falling leaves on Boston Common to mountaintop views in Maine, the beauty of fall in New England was on full display.

Dixville Notch, New Hampshire pictured in early October. Jo-Ann H., Meriden, CT

One of the most prominent markers of fall in New England is the beautiful scenery, such as the seasonal foliage when leaves turn to various shades of red, orange, and yellow.

Although experts noted that New England’s significantly wet weather would impact the foliage this year, making the leaves more pastel than usual, there are still plenty of scenic places in the region where leaves change color. 

We asked readers to share their best New England fall photo from this season with us. Readers shared pictures of beautiful scenes in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Maine. From falling leaves on Boston Common to mountaintop views in Maine, the beauty of fall in New England was on full display in readers’ photos.


Read below to see our favorite reader-submitted photos and learn more about where they were taken.

Some responses have been lightly edited for clarity.

“We’re living in Austria and spent our vacation in Boston two weeks ago. Ozan did his studies there and we visit the city from time to time – and we often check the news to keep updated. Our favorite fall photo was taken during our walk at the Esplanade next to Charles River.” — Stefanie and Ozan, Austria

“Factory Pond, Holliston, MA.” — Tommy Z., Holliston

“Wenakeening Woods, Holliston, MA.” — Tommy Z., Holliston

“Stunning sunlight on fall morning in Watertown, MA.” — E. Feng, Watertown

“Had an opportunity to go on a seaplane flight from Waterville, ME flying northwest to Carrabassett Valley. The photo is of Bigelow Preserve and [Flagstaff] just as peak foliage was occurring.” — Stephen K., Danvers

“The Maine coast off Mt. Desert Island from the top of Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park, taken on November 11.” — Bennett F., Salem

“Looking north over Grafton Pond, NH.” — Alan P., Deerfield, NH

“New England barn in Southborough, Mass.” — Joel S., Southborough

“We snapped this picture perfect Autumn reflection the first week of October 2023 in Dixville Notch, NH.” — Jo-Ann H., Meriden, CT

“This photo was taken in Amherst, MA. We were on a day trip. Had to be the shortest hike to a waterfall in the state. A little under five minutes from the parking area. The fisherman on foreground really enhances the [scene].” — Vera S., Ashland

“24-hour difference #onlyinnewengland” — Melissa L., Ipswich

“Boston Common.” — Ole G., Boston

“Wampatuck Pond. Hanson, MA.” — E.J. H., Hanson