Readers Say readers share why they aren’t going to Cape Cod this year

"The Cape was perfect and now they ruined it."

Cars pass over the Sagamore Bridge, which connects Cape Cod with the mainland of Massachusetts. Jonathan Wiggs/Globe Staff

When we asked readers if they are vacationing on Cape Cod this year, the majority of respondents said no.

According to a report in The Boston Globe, the occupancy rate is 20 percent lower this season than last and the culprit could be rising prices, too many listings, reports of sharks, the infamous bridge traffic, or all of the above.

Of the 66 readers who responded to our poll, 47% said they weren’t visiting the Cape this year, 42% said they were, and 11% said they weren’t sure yet.

Are you vacationing on the Cape this year?
I'm not sure yet.

“I have visited the Cape every summer for 50 years, beginning when I was a small child, but it is now too expensive and too crowded,” wrote Mary G. from Brookline, who visits Brewster, Wellfleet, and Provincetown.


But some said it’s a tradition they aren’t willing to give up.

“We vacation on the Cape every summer. Nothing short of a family emergency is going to stop that!” wrote Joe from Northborough, who visits Sandwich.

Ahead, readers share whether they are or aren’t going to the Cape this year and why.

Some responses have been lightly edited for grammar or clarity.


“The rental/lodging prices are too expensive. For many years we rented a house for the week, but no longer.” — Jean A. from Gill, who visits Wellfleet

“Lakefront in N.H. is less expensive and less traffic.” — Michael F. from Mansfield, who visits Coast Guard Beach in Eastham

“Traffic is wicked bad.” — Sandra from Lynn, who visits Brewster or mid-Cape

“Too crowded” — An anonymous reader

“Too expensive!” — RC from Boston, who visits Falmouth, Yarmouth, Dennis, and Truro

“Same house rented since 2006. Owners increased rent over the last three years from [approximately] $4K per week to nearly $7K per week inclusive of the taxes. Simply doesn’t make sense at this point when we have enjoyed a two week stay.” — Keith S. from South Kingston, R.I., who visits Wellfleet and Truro

“Prices are irrational & families can’t get into restaurants without knowing someone or having made reservations months in advance.” — Margaret from Boston, who visits Mashpee and Falmouth


“I could go to Europe for these prices and have a more luxurious experience.” — Anonymous reader who visits Chatham, Harwich, and Wellfleet

“Too expensive, too crowded, sharks, traffic, better beaches elsewhere.” — Steve from Acton, who visits Eastham and Wellfleet

“Have done it for 10 years and not the same the past 4 years. Too crowded, extra expensive (and we live in the Hamptons), locals are nice but seemingly newbies are rude (this is a guess as I don’t ask who’s a local versus visitor — just assume by behavior). Just seems people are grasping at an older version but wanting more — the Cape was perfect and now they ruined it.” — Mauve M. from Eastport, N.Y., who visits Dennis, Harwich, and Chatham

“The Cape is overpriced and overrated. Cold water, sharks, traffic, Massholes, crummy restaurants and not enough to do. For that money I’ll travel somewhere better. Heck, even the Jersey Shore is better, even with the New Yorkers!” — Alex from Roxbury, who visits Eastham, Falmouth, and Nickerson State Park.


“I have a young child and it’s a great and easy getaway.” — Amy, who visits Mashpee

“It’s the best place to be in the summer.” — Anonymous reader who visits Eastham


“I go every year.” — Joe P. from Hanover, who visits Chatham

“My wife and I are ex-New Englanders who used to have a cottage on the Cape. We come back for a week in September to visit friends, restaurants, shops, and places of interest.” — John from Bonita Springs, Fla., who visits Yarmouth, Hyannis, Dennis, Chatham, and Provincetown

“Tradition.” — BTO from Needham, who visits Barnstable

“My relatives have a beach house, so we stay free. Otherwise we would not!” — Peter Eric from Milton, who visits Wellfleet, Truro, and Provincetown

“Annual rental with extended family.” — Julie W., who visits Harwich and Chatham

“I have a house on the Cape.” — Anonymous reader with a house in Falmouth

“We love the outer Cape!” — Mark from Watertown, who visits Truro, Wellfleet, Provincetown, and Dennis

“Have been vacationing on the Cape for many years.” — Anonymous reader from Provincetown who visits Yarmouth, Dennis, Chatham, Orleans, and Brewster

“We’ve already spent our week there.” — Nicole from Southington, Conn., who visits Barnstable, Brewster, Chatham, and Eastham

I’m not sure yet

“The weekly expense for a rental is absurd. Last year’s $3K [for a] 2 bedroom, 1 bath rental had a broken shower head and a grassless, bee-infested lawn, rendering the outdoor space useless. It was disappointing.” — Danielle from Milford, who visits Sandwich and Falmouth

“High price is still a factor with additional significant fees for cleaning, linens, pet, service charges and taxes.” — Lori from Milton, who visits Orleans and Brewster

“We may go down for a couple of days if we can find childcare.” — Alyssa from Norwood, who visits Falmouth


“Rental costs. The abundance of sharks and possibility of sharks in shallow waters.” — Anonymous reader who visits Chatham, Harwich, and Brewster