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More than 400 readers voted: Here’s why they think the Celtics will make the NBA Finals

"I'm a 60-plus year Celtics fan and the team is playing at least as good as I've ever seen."

The Celtics Jayson Tatum (right) as well as the fans erupt after his basket at the buzzer defeated Kyrie Irving (left) and the Nets 115-114 in Boston on April 17, 2022.

The Celtics are primed to make the NBA Finals. At least, readers think so.

Before the C’s kicked off their playoff series against the Milwaukee Bucks, asked readers if they thought the Celtics had what it takes to make it to the NBA Finals.

Nearly three quarters of the 423 respondents said that they thought the Celtics where making it to the Finals, while another 18% thought the Celtics had a shot of reaching the championship series, with a few readers doubting Boston’s chances at making a run.

Will the Celtics make the NBA finals?
Yes, they're definitely making it to the NBA Finals!
No, I doubt it.
It depends.

On the heels of defeating the rival Brooklyn Nets in the first round of the playoffs, the Celtics have kicked off their second round series against the Milwaukee Bucks with a tough loss at home Sunday afternoon.


As the Celtics face what may be a long battle with the defending champs, ahead we share what readers had to say about the Celtics’ chances at making the NBA Finals.

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‘The banner is coming back to Beantown’

Most readers said that the Celtics are the team to beat in the NBA, and can carry the momentum from their late season surge and sweep of the Brooklyn Nets all they way to the Finals.

“Celtics will win this year. The banner is coming back to Beantown in 2022…Mark my words.”

— Anup, Bedford

“Every play is based on momentum. Every game, every series. Momentum wins. Who can stop momentum? Who is the opponent/immovable object for this Celtics team? No one.”

John S., Roslindale

“Like all great teams, there is everyone contributing and obvious respect for one another. Good coaching is also critical.”

– Valerie B., Watertown

“The Celtics have played the same gritty, nasty defense that they’ve been known for this year. With Williams coming back and getting his feet back over the past 2 games, they have no ceiling on how good they can be.”

– Kenneth C., Manchester, N.H.

“Two main things. First, they have proven they can beat any team. Second, they are a work in progress. However good their regular season or whatever the significance of sweeping the Nets, the Celtics’ focus is winning one game at a time and getting better as individuals and as a group every game. They were better at the end of the season than at the beginning. They are better after the Nets series than they were before the Nets series. They will have to play better and get better to defeat the Bucks — and they will.”

– Kenneth S., Winchester

“They remind me of the Celtics of the early Sixties with Sam, K.C., Bill, Tommie, Satch, Havlicek and Willie. All for one, and one for all. No showboats, no strutting, just grinding it out and getting the job done. Such a joy to see that the old standards of hard work and dedication combined with talent haven’t been lost?”

– Mark M., Hysham, Mont.

“I had season tickets for the two outstanding seasons of the Larry Bird era. And have been following the Celtics since the ’70s. The balance on this team reminds [me] of the teams with Bird, DJ, Ainge, the Chief, and Michale with Bill Walton as the 6th man. Those teams were a joy to watch both in how they defended and the balance in their attack. This team is even better defensively and the offense is gelling around the young stars.”

– Steve C., Leominster

‘It wont be over until it’s over’

A smaller percentage of fans voted “it depends.” While many said they think the Celtics have what it takes to get to the finals, these readers are unwilling to say that Boston making the championship series is a sure thing.

“The Celtics are playing the way any team that wants to win has to. They are focused and peaking at the right time. Every player is contributing to the total team effort that has made them a bonafide title contender. There are many things beyond any teams control. Injuries, bad calls, any number of circumstances can happen. So they are good enough to win it all. But will they? It all depends.”

– Michael, Jamaica Plain

“Cohesion, trust, shared responsibility, mutual and honest affection and Ime Udoka have together put the ‘team’ back in team sports. I’m a 60-plus year Celtics fan and the team is playing at least as good as I’ve ever seen. I voted ‘it depends’ because there are quality teams yet to play and it won’t be over until it is over. Go Celtics!”

– Carl S., Greensboro, NC

“If they stay healthy there’s no team in the East that can beat them in a 7 game series. They have the perfect blend of top notch gamers who can ball but also pass the ball, keeping their teammates involved. That keeps everyone invested in the game.”

– John G, Shrewsbury

‘They have played well, but…’

A small number of readers doubt the Celtics abilities to make it to the Finals, with a mere 8% of readers saying they didn’t think the Celtics would be making a deep playoff run.

“They have played well, but it easily could be 2 to 2 series if not for extraordinary plays. Bucks and Heat are tough teams to beat and if get past them you’re probably looking at Warriors or Suns.”

– Paul O., New Bedford

“I think the Bucks are a better team overall and will prevail in Round 2. I think the Celtics need more shooting besides Tatum and Brown. Derek White hasn’t shot well and Nesmith has been buried on the bench. Either they need one more piece or guys like White and Nesmith need to do more.”

– Jack, Dedham occasionally interacts with readers by conducting informal polls and surveys. These results should be read as an unscientific gauge of readers’ opinion.