Readers Say

Readers share their best snapshots of 2021

"Whenever I venture into Boston, I always bring my bike and ride the Charles River. The lighting is beautiful and the skyline is epic."

Before the year comes to a close, we asked readers to take some time to reflect on the last twelve months with the photos they felt best captured 2021.

They went back into their camera rolls to find the snapshots they’re most proud of. The photos they shared make it clear that 2021 was all about slowing down to reconnect with loved ones and enjoy time in nature.

Several readers shared photos of classic New England colors at parks and beaches.

For Kris M. from Belmont, the best moments of 2021 were the ones spent with friends.

“My 53rd birthday and first time seeing best friends in person since COVID had begun, a year previously (this was just after vaccines became available, and we’d all gotten it!),” she wrote.


Below you’ll find shots of the reunions of friends and family, weddings, engagements, moments in nature, and more from this past year.

“Whenever I venture into Boston, I always bring my bike and ride the Charles River. It’s early in the morning on a weekday when you get to see the university crews training and the sun is coming up. The lighting is beautiful and the skyline is epic. This particular shot was taken under the BU bridge and I like how the bridge frames the scene. And then there is the black & white and it makes everything look so classic.”

— Stephen K., Danvers, @Stephenkozowyk

“We were married at Wollaston Beach in Quincy on 1/28/2021. Best day of our lives.”

— Tiffany, Quincy

“It was a rainy, yucky day and we went to Maine to explore the oceanside. Came across a row of yellow roses in a puddle of water. Just a little beauty on a regular grey Sunday.”

— Kathleen L., Attleboro

“Our middle daughter got engaged on Castle Island in November.”

— Brian M., Easton

“I take a lot of pictures and this is my favorite one of the year. French King Bridge in Gill, MA on October 23, 2021.”

— Frank K. Woburn

“Good composition, a nice reflection off a pond of the statue in Back Bay. Good colors.”

— James C., Instagram @jconflicks

“This photo demonstrates the power of Mother Nature and just how quickly things can change on the ocean. Shortly before this photo was taking (around 8 a.m.) it was a bright, sunny morning. Within 30 minutes the fogged rolled in and socked in Scituate Harbor creating an eerie but captivating photo. Taken on an iPhone with no filter.”

Patrice M., Scituate Harbor, Scituate

“My 53rd birthday and first time seeing best friends in person since COVID had begun, a year previously (this was just after vaccines became available, and we’d all gotten it!)

— Kris M., Belmont

“Sunrise at the beach catching surfer about to go in water.”

— Paul C., Hull

“I captured my son, Michael, in his moment of his passion of what he loves to do, photography. And he is not one to really have his picture taken.”

— Brenda S., Saugus

“A capture of time in Beverly Cove.”

— Rich A.

Photo submitted by Lisa L.

“Fall morning in The Town Forest (Reading, MA)”

— Michael S., Reading

“Plum Island in the off-season. Beach to ourselves. ❤”

— Lisa, Turners Falls

Photo submitted by Jim from Boston.

“Just seemed to capture the summer for me.”

— Mark B., Somerville, @Mark_Bethoney_Photography

“I recently acquired an internship position as a junior at my high school that requires me to take photos of sports and other events happening at my school. In this image, we see a high school football player who was very excited after scoring a TD. When running back to his team to celebrate, he was scooped up for a huge celebratory hug by the defensive coach who is also a former alumni at MHS. In the background, we can see the head coach, looking more proud than ever. The photo captures pure joy.”

— Kaitlyn G., Millbury,, @woolienews

“It is just an amazing photo with any means.”

— Mr. Husenov, Salem Winter Park, Salem

“Hydrangeas remind me of the Cape and summer time, but this loops in New England’s color changing fall colors.”

— Amanda V., Mansfield, @AmandaVas

Photo submitted by Phillip C.

Factory Pond in Holliston

Photo submitted by Tommy Z. from Holliston.

Photo submitted by Andy B.

“A quiet and still early July morning. The moon setting over Hull/Hingham Bay behind Bumpkin Island is beautiful but often missed by non early risers.”

— Steve K., Hull

“My Mom and I finally decided to adopt another cat after our last one died 2 years ago. His name is Rajah and he definitely brings joy to our lives.”

— Moira, Braintree, @Lpbabe1088

“I love this photo of the Boston Harbor Hotel from Fan Pier.”

— Donna F.

“During COVID when we weren’t allowed to be out I took a walk and had to take this photo of Faneuil Hall with just a police car.”

— Donna F.

“First time seeing my folks in Wellesley and enjoying our first lunch for the first time in a year.”

— Kiat C.

“My grandson had to postpone his fifth birthday party due to COVID, so we went to a wonderful family event in Watertown instead. There he bumped into his best friend, Annabelle. As soon as they saw one another, they embraced every element of being together. I love everything about this picture.”

— Margaret I., Watertown