Brato Brewhouse and Kitchen closes its doors

"The bottom line is that this decision was unavoidable."

Brato Brewhouse and Kitchen closed on Nov. 6. Photo by Gary Dzen

Brighton lost a local brewery this week, with Brato Brewhouse and Kitchen announcing they have shuttered.

In an announcement published on their website and Instagram, the restaurant and bar closed on Nov. 6.

“Our team has worked tirelessly since day one of opening the doors, fighting against seemingly insurmountable headwinds,” read a post on their site. “We weathered storm after storm of lockdowns, inflation, job shortages, supply line interruptions, utility upgrade delays, and construction setbacks, among other problems.”

The announcement continues to state that after studying financial data and working with lenders, “Brato has reached a point in which it is no longer a financially viable endeavor.”


Brato’s team stated online that the brewery had been embraced by the community, who participated in virtual dinners and built connection throughout the pandemic. While pivoting was difficult, the statement explains that the team is “thankful that we brought so much joy to so many people in the time they needed it most.”

“The bottom line is that this decision was unavoidable once we fully understood where we need to be to reach viability, and where we were,” read the post. “Its seeming inevitability has not taken the sting away however, and we are truly sorry to have to make this announcement.”

The popular neighborhood spot will not be closing without a goodbye, though. For two more nights this week, Nov. 10 and 11, Brato will be reopening its doors “to enjoy the last of our beer, to reminisce, and more.”

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