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Readers: Business trips are back. Are you traveling for work?

Workers are back in offices, and many are back to business travel. How do you feel about traveling for work again?

Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff
Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff

Business travel is taking off again.

Despite changes to how we conduct business brought on by the pandemic, like Zoom meetings and remote work, airline and hotel industries are reporting a recent uptick in business travel tickets.

As return to office days pop up on employee calendars, workers are also back to attending meetings in person, and that includes events and trade shows.

The number of trade shows and events scheduled in Las Vegas is higher this year than in 2019, the New York Times reports

Though the industry is not believed to return to pre-pandemic levels for a few years, business travelers will likely be joined by “revenge travelers” on planes to destinations across the U.S. and world. AAA Travel even predicts the upcoming Memorial Day holiday weekend will see 60% more travelers than last year.

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