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Driving in Boston: Which is the correct way to make this turn?

A Reddit user recently asked for the correct way to make a left turn at an intersection that crosses train tracks in Boston. We want to know what you think.

The Green Line on the 800 block of Huntington Ave. heads for the the Heath Street station next to the VA Hospital. John Tlumacki/Globe Staff

Driving around Boston has never exactly been easy — if you ask some people, the city’s streets might’ve been paved over cow paths, so there’s a chance drivers were doomed from the start.

However, a new debate about how to drive in parts of Boston with above-ground train tracks recently arose on Reddit: When you’re turning left at an intersection with train tracks, and someone approaches from the other side of the road, how do you turn?

The Reddit user who posed the question to the approximately 592,000 members of the channel Tuesday night included a diagram of two potential paths — one where the two cars’ paths would intersect (Option A) and another path where the two cars would not intersect (Option B).

An important factor in the decision for some Reddit users who commented on the thread was whether the turn is occurring at a four-way intersection or a median between two opposing train lanes.


“[It’s] not a road, [it’s] an intersection with a median,” commented one Reddit user. “In [the] very case of two cars on opposite sides making a left, they do not cross. If there’s a road, like in downtown, you choose A. But b in all other cases.”

We want to hear from you: How would you turn in this situation? Would it vary depending on what kind of intersection it is? Share your thoughts by filling out the survey below or sending an email to [email protected], and your response may be featured in a future article.

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