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The flaming Orange Line train is, by far, the most popular Boston costume this year

Plus, we want to see your Halloween costume.

The Orange Line provided some much-needed Halloween inspiration this year. Carlin Stiehl for The Boston Globe

Boston-related costumes have always been a thing here in the Hub — after all, it was way back in 2014 that we were recommending “Boston-themed Halloween costumes for the very lazy.” But this year, local Halloween revelers have been anything but lackadaisical in single-mindedly embracing the most Boston costume in years: the burning Orange Line.

You’ll recall that back in July, a fire on an Orange Line train led riders to evacuate while it was stopped on a bridge over the Mystic River. (“Thursday’s train fire wasn’t my first time at the burning train rodeo,” wrote Jennifer Thomson-Sullivan, the Malden resident who shot video of the incident, in the Boston Globe. “It was just the worst time.”)


Luckily nobody was injured, making the headline-making incident prime costume fodder. (We’re not saying people wouldn’t have done it if someone had been injured, but it would not have been in good taste.) Hence the numerous Halloween representations of the burning car, the rider who tumbled from the train window, and the woman who jumped from the bridge.

Even local news personalities Victoria Price and Josh Wurster got into the act:

Most were not TV fixtures, though, but rather just very creative Boston residents:

This fellow stuck with the T theme, but less, well, fiery.

And just to remind us that Boston isn’t the only municipality with infrastructure problems, some of these revelers were representing for the now-closed-to-cars Hall-Whitaker Bridge in Beverly:

As for other Boston-related costumes, either this guy was a natural for a David Ortiz getup, or Big Papi made a side trip to Salem.

Then there’s this one, in honor of Boston’s (well, Cambridge’s) favorite son, Ben Affleck.

And we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the most Halloween-centric of Boston sports teams, the Boston Bruins. Just take a look:

So how about you? Was your costume MBTA-related, otherwise Boston-centric, or just worthy of a call-out for its creativity alone? Share your Halloween costume photo using the form below, and we may feature it in a future article and/or social media channel.