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Poll: What’s your favorite Thanksgiving side dish?

Tell us the dish that you crave for a holiday dinner.

Share with us the sides that you enjoy. Globe Staff/Sally Pasley Vargas

When Thanksgiving rolls around, there are so many hearty and celebratory dishes to enjoy, as you sit down to a warm dinner with family and friends. You may be feasting on a roast turkey and enjoying a glass of wine, but no meal is complete without a selection of delicious sides.

A report from Bet Massachusetts found that in Massachusetts, stuffing was observed to be the most popular side dish, during the holiday. To analyze what plates people like the most, the company studied Google Trends and looked at search results of a variety of sides for the month of Nov. 2021. Mashed potatoes came in second place, while macaroni and cheese was a close third.


We’d like to ask you, do you have a favorite Thanksgiving side dish? Vote, and choose from the selection of popular dishes below, drawn from the Bet Massachusetts study. We’d also love to hear if there is a special Thanksgiving item that is unique to your family. Let us know in the form below, or send us an e-mail at [email protected]. Your response may be used in an upcoming article and/or social media channel.

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