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Tell us: What’s your favorite townie bar?

If there is a classic neighborhood pub you love, we want to hear about it.

A fiddle rests on the bar during the Irish session at The Burren. Globe Staff/Jessica Rinaldi

We know the situation. It’s the night before Thanksgiving, and you’ve been working hard all day, planning last minute guest lists and pulling together the cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. At times like this, you might feel like all you want to do is go out and order a drink, getting a chance to breathe and take a minute away from your pile of holiday tasks.

There’s undoubtedly a neighborhood watering hole nearby that you love and have been frequenting for years. For example, Kelley Square Pub in East Boston offers drinks and Italian-American food, with an old-fashioned atmosphere. The Burren in Somerville entertains guests with nightly shows, draft beer, and Guinness beef stew, among other dishes. If you know of a townie bar that’s always been a reliable spot to unwind, let us know.


We want to hear about your local pub that you frequent. Share with us what you like about it and why you consider it a beloved spot. Tell us your thoughts in the form below or send us an e-mail at [email protected]. Your response may be used in an upcoming article and/or social media channel.

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