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Runners: What advice would you give to a first-time marathon runner?

Tell us the tips and tricks that get you across the finish line.

With the fading sun nearly below the horizon, runners pass a pump house as they loop around the Cleveland Circle Reservoir. Lane Turner/Globe Staff

Running a marathon takes grit, determination, and a good game plan. 

Whether you’re already an avid runner or you’re inspired by the upcoming Boston Marathon, if you’re thinking about running a race yourself, you’ll want to know how to best meet the challenge. Smart runners give themselves the time to train and develop a healthy routine ahead of the race, and what better way to develop that routine than by asking the people who came before you? 

If you’ve ever completed a marathon, we want to know your tips and tricks for successfully crossing the finish line. 

What do you wish you knew about training before you got started? What music gave you the motivation to continue? Is there a secret to performance gear that you want to share?


Let us know your best advice for your fellow runners by filling out the survey below or emailing us at [email protected] and we may feature your response in a future article. 

Tell us your tips and tricks for running a marathon

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