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What is the most annoying behavior by travelers in the sky?

Tell us the worst plane etiquette you have seen.

logan international airport
Logan International Airport. Pat Greenhouse / The Boston Globe

Have you ever been annoyed by a fellow passenger while traveling by plane?Perhaps he or she kicked the back of your seat, hogged the armrest, or played music too loudly.

Travel website the Vacationer recently revealed the most annoying behavior on airplanes in its Airplane Etiquette Violations Survey 2022. The survey, conducted on Aug. 6 by SurveyMonkey, was completed by 1,098 Americans over the age of 18.

The following were the top five etiquette violations:

  1. Kicking the back of your seat
  2. Drunk and disruptive
  3. Smells from poor hygiene or too much cologne/perfume
  4. Inattentive parents/poor parenting
  5. Eating pungent or foul-smelling food

What behavior by fellow air travelers annoys you the most?

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