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Tell us: Where do you go for the best hot chocolate?

Share who makes the most delicious sip with us.

A warming cup of hot chocolate from L.A. Burdick. Photo courtesy of L.A. Burdick

Picture this: you’re walking home on a chilly day, the snow is beginning to fall, and it’s starting to feel like winter. On a magical late afternoon like this, you might be wondering if there’s a place where you can duck inside and get something warm to drink. Hot chocolate, served in a mug in an intimate cafe, seems like the ultimate treat in early December.

We’ve heard about the spots in Boston where you can get a satisfying sip. At L.A. Burdick, you can get a creamy cup of hot chocolate, made from ingredients ranging from milk chocolate to Bolivian dark chocolate. Try visiting Oakleaf Cakes Bake Shop near Symphony Hall, and you can order the Aztec hot chocolate, made with cinnamon and cayenne, as well as handmade marshmallows.


We want to hear about your favorite place to get the best hot chocolate. Wherever you go, tell us who makes the most delicious drink and what you love about it. Include your thoughts in the form below or send us an e-mail at [email protected]. Your response may be used in an upcoming article and/or social media channels.

Tell us: Where do you go for the best hot chocolate?

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