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Where do you go for the best plant-based, vegan dish in Greater Boston?

Let us know your favorite spot, and the dish you always order.

Jenny Sargent eats an egg sandwich from the Clover food truck. Globe Staff/John Tlumacki

November marks World Vegan Month, and we’re interested in hearing about your favorite plant-based dishes.

There are several environmental and health benefits to eating plant-based meals, or even eating less meat. According to Scientific American, consuming 25% less meat would cut our annual greenhouse gas emissions by 1% — reducing overall global demand for beef and helping tackle the climate crisis. It’s also reported that eating a vegan diet is linked to many health benefits, including a 35% lower risk of prostate cancer in men, according to Harvard Health Publishing. And if your diet excludes animal products for ethical reasons, it’s perhaps the best way to impact animal welfare.


To address global consumer interest in plant-based meat, which is estimated to grow 15% in the next six years, many restaurants have already begun serving food that supports the demand.

When we asked readers for their favorite plant-based dishes last year, they recommended 55 restaurants in Greater Boston, with the top vote going to Life Alive, an organic, plant-based cafe where you can order warm grain bowls, falafel salads, and butternut squash soups. Readers also praised the food at Clover Food Lab, a local cult favorite with 15 locations in the Boston Metro area. One reader described Clover as having food that is “always the perfect option.”

Even global fast food chains like Burger King are expanding their menus, which serves the Impossible Whopper, and launched dirty vegan chicken nuggets on menus in the United Kingdom this week.

We want to hear about your favorite plant-based or vegan dishes in Greater Boston. Where do you go for the best plant-based dishes, and what do you order?

Tell us about the plant-based dishes that you think everyone should know about. Share your thoughts in the form below or send us an e-mail at [email protected]. Your response may be used in an upcoming article and/or social media channel.

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