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J.P. Licks and Grillo’s announce new pickle ice cream. Would you try it?

The limited-edition flavor will debut on National Pickle Day.

Pickle ice cream? Let us know how you feel about it. Photo courtesy of J.P. Licks

An unexpected ice cream flavor is about to release from two Massachusetts-based companies.

J.P. Licks has collaborated with Grillo’s Pickles for a new limited-edition ice cream flavor that combines the taste of a homemade pickle with the sweetness of ice cream. The pickle-flavored ice cream will debut on National Pickle Day, Nov. 14, at all 17 J.P Licks locations. According to a publicist, the ice cream will be available until supplies run out.

“This flavor combination might leave some of our customers scratching their heads, and we love that,” J.P. Licks founder and owner Vincent Petryk said in a press release. “Our sweet cream ice cream is such a surprising and sharp combination with the delicious homemade flavors of local Grillo’s Pickles—we can’t wait to hear what people think about this new ice cream flavor.”


The new ice cream will be sweet and savory, “with a hint of dill and a bite of vinegar in every spoonful,” according to the press release.

While some may be intrigued by this unusual blend, others will be on the fence. We want to know: Would you try pickle ice cream?