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It’s Wednesday, Boston.

🥳 It’s also my mom’s birthday. Everyone wish Janet a happy 60th!

And even if it’s not your b-day, there’s still reason to celebrate: The sun sets at 8:01 p.m. tonight!

👀 What’s on tap today:

  • The T is … faster?
  • Block party green light
  • The red boot mystery

Up first…


Craft beer telephone tag 

B-Side craft breweries

Image courtesy of Winter Hill Brewing Co. Illustration: Katie Cole

It’s American Craft Beer WeekAnd what better way to celebrate than with a game of beer telephone tag? We called up some of the area’s most beloved craft breweries to find out about  their favorite local breweries and beers that aren’t their own. 


Here’s what they said: 

🍒 Winter Hill Brewing Co. loves Cambridge Brewing Co.“I think they’re the gold standard.” said Winter Hill founder Bert Holdredge. They “always have interesting sours and saisons.” He especially loves their “Cerise Cassee,” a cherry sour ale. They’re the first brewery to use the Solera system to make the drink, which was originally designed for aging sherry wine. 

🍻 Cambridge Brewing Co. loves Lamplighter Brewing Co.“I like their lighter ones and lagers,” said Brenna Beach, the bar manager at Cambridge Brewing Co. Specifically, “Giants Under the Sun,” a golden lager with floral and wheat cracker notes. Beach loves the community that Lamplighter has created, too. “It’s a really cool space to hang out after work. They have some cozy spots,” she said. 

😋 Lamplighter Brewing Co. loves Remnant Brewing Co.Hunter Coury, Lamplighter’s assistant manager, said he will drink “any gose they make.” Gose is a traditional German-style beer, similar to a sour, that’s brewed with sea salt and coriander. “It’s super fresh and easy to drink,” Coury said. And “the staff are all super kind.” Plus, being tucked away in Somerville’s Bow Market has its perks: “There’s lots of pop ups … so you can have a bunch of different kinds of food.”


🍍 Remnant Brewing Co. loves Aeronaut Brewing Co.“They have great beer and a great atmosphere, especially trivia nights,” said Charles Marokhovsky, a bartender and barista at Remnant. While they sold out of his favorite rice lager with yuzu, an “amazing” sake-like beer, he thinks “any of their sours on tap are great.” But if you’re into IPAs, he loves their Boreal Kingdom. “It’s just a staple New England IPA,” he said. “It’s gonna be hazy, juicy” with notes of mango and pineapple.

🏰 Aeronaut Brewing Co. loves Castle Island Brewing Co. The two breweries also recently collabed: Aeronaut made a beer called “Objects in Motion” and Castle Island made one called “Stay in Motion” (ha!). “It’s a testimony to the collaborative spirit that permeates the craft industry,” said Aeronaut’s marketing manager Alisa Bunin. She thinks Castle Island has “done a good job of bringing the spirit of Boston into their space.” And that “Stay in Motion” is a stellar IPA.


Quick & dirty headlines

B-Side MBTA slow zones cut down

Image: Carlin Stiehl for The Boston Globe


🚇 Slow zones on the T have gotten … slightly better? Kind of. According to the MBTA, travel times on the Orange Line have been shaved off by about nine minutes over the past month. And riders on both branches of the Red Line have saved an average of five minutes, too. Unfortunately, the Blue Line, which was once the best line, only shaved off a measly 30 seconds, despite recent nighttime shutdowns. And while the MBTA may have a few battles, the slow zone war still rages on: 21% of all subway lines still have speed restrictions in place. 

✈️ Look alive at Logan. TSA facial recognition is officially at the airport. The agency is testing out a new program to identify passengers moving through security. Passengers will scan their photo ID at the checkpoints and look into a camera that takes a picture of them without having to show their ID. But not everyone is loving the sci-fi updates. Some senators and tech experts are concerned about increased surveillance and the history of racial bias in facial recognition. That said, passengers can also opt out.

🎉 Want to host a block party? It’s your time to shine. If you live in Cambridge, that is. As a way to bring the community together, the city is making it easier to host block parties by throwing out the $25 permit fee, shortening the approval process, and even offering $200 cash awards to reduce party costs. Plus, block party hosts can utilize the city’s Play Streets program to borrow things like giant Jenga, cornhole, and other lawn games at no cost. You can apply for a block party permit here


🎨 PSA: ICA First Friday tix go on sale today! Tickets for the monthly Friday party at the Institute of Contemporary Art drop today at 10 a.m. And they usually sell out quickly, so set your alarm! The theme changes each month, but cocktails, art, and music are a constant at these nighttime events. June’s theme will be Poolside Pride for Pride month, followed by Tropic Like It’s Hot featuring Boston Caribbean Fashion Week in July, and White Hot Vol. 8 in August.


The mystery of the red boots

B-Side big red boots

Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images. Illustration: Kate Cole

Who was the man in the Big Red Boots at Celtics Game 7?  

Celtics fans on Twitter spotted a man wearing a pair of Big Red Boots, massive foamy shoes that make your feet look like they belong in a cartoon (and retail for $350). If you were among the watchers who noticed the unique shoe-clad man and wondered why anyone would ever wear them: wonder no more. 

The red boot culprit was DraftKings co-founder Matt Kalish. Kalish tweeted on May 10 that he’d wear the boots courtside if the C’s forced Game 7 and give someone who retweeted his post a $100 in DraftKings cash for each point the Celtics scored. Of course, the Celtics went to Game 7 and won, and Kalish was there on the sidelines. 

Some online said that after the C’s success in Game 7, Kalish should wear the big boots to every game to keep the good luck going in the Eastern Conference Finals (which tip off tonight!).

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