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What are your favorite David Ortiz memories?

We want to hear why you love Big Papi.

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Retired Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz is up for consideration for the Baseball Hall of Fame this week.

Big Papi was a longtime fan-favorite in Boston, where he spent most of his memorable 20-year MLB career. The Red Sox retired no. 34 for Ortiz in 2017.

Ortiz, who joined the team in 2003 after spending the early part of his career with the Minnesota Twins, was a crucial part in the Red Sox World Series Victories in 2004, 2007 and 2013.

Ortiz also helped rally Boston in the wake of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings.

“This is our f——- city,” said Ortiz in his emotional speech to Red Sox fans at Fenway Park just days following the bombings.


The moment would become an iconic one in Red Sox — and Boston’s — history.

Later in the 2013 season, Ortiz hit the signature home run of his career to help the Red Sox rally against the Detroit Tigers in game two of the ALCS.

Detroit outfielder Torii Hunter flips into the Fenway Park bullpen leaping in vain for David Ortiz’s grand slam home run as Boston Police officer Steve Horgan celebrates.

The grand slam by Ortiz caused Tigers outfielder Torii Hunter to flip head-first into the Red Sox bullpen, as Boston Police officer Steve Horgan cheered in the background, creating one of the most famous images in Boston sports history.

Since his 2016 retirement Ortiz has worked as a commentator for Fox Sports. His 2022 eligibility for Cooperstown is his first year of Hall of Fame eligibility.

Before the vote is revealed on Tuesday, we want to know: What are your favorite memories of David Ortiz? Was there a favorite home run or play? Was there a personal meeting you look back on? Let us know in the form below or email your responses to [email protected] and your submission may be featured in an upcoming article.

What are your favorite Big Papi memories?

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