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  • Posted 03/28/2015 10:37:52 EDT

    In response to 49Patriots' comment:      The New England Patriots trade it to the Saints for pick 44 and 78.        Would anyone be surprised? I'd be even LESS surprised IF Belichick didn't trade a pi more »

  • Forum Post: 2015 Draft order

    Posted 03/28/2015 10:34:27 EDT

    Cleveland's rollin': 2 1st rders 1 2nd rder 1 3rd rder 2 4th rders 1 5th rders 2 6th rders 1 7th rders ...1st rders are #12 and #19, and they pick pretty early in each rd & even in their trade rds whe more »

  • Posted 03/28/2015 09:33:56 EDT

    In response to Salcon's comment: I've done this plenty of times from the cliffs in Negril, Jamaica.  Never even came close to touching the bottom.  It looks a lot higher when looking down.  My first t more »

  • Posted 03/28/2015 09:08:23 EDT

    Does Anyone know whether or not that was a designated high cliff ledge jump place?  Firstly, I bet other people had jumped from right at that exact spot...and if not JUST before (and no way this is li more »

  • Forum Post: Check this out!!

    Posted 03/28/2015 02:00:47 EDT

    In response to soxrockursox's comment: As a huge Pats fan personally I think it's ugly ,but that's just my oppion. Right?!?  WhyInTHeck didn't they just do the red & blue portions of the PatsFace gast more »

  • Posted 03/28/2015 01:48:18 EDT

    Ehh...  Due to the obsessive moaning towards the greater and greater regulatory all over this sport, in and out- this sport'll eventually fall by way of over-restriction and beaurocracy the way Basket more »

  • Posted 03/28/2015 12:46:01 EDT

    In response to Muzwell's comment: They can collectively bargain a limitation of liability, sure they can.   I think football (and soccer, and while we're at it, alcohol, tobacco, firearms and cars) sh more »

  • Posted 03/28/2015 12:38:08 EDT

    bredbru's right...this could be scary bad.  If anyone here feels that more & more in recent years, they've sorta felt a few circumstances that in some random game they were watching where an occiating more »

  • Posted 03/27/2015 10:59:42 EDT

    In response to ATJ's comment:   S more »

  • Forum Post: Check this out!!

    Posted 03/27/2015 10:44:21 EDT

    In response to TFB12's comment: *********************** 4 X Super Bowl Champions! Is it o.k. of me to say I think the fuel tank looks gaudy, but the ENTIRE rest of the Whole freakin' bike was done-up more »

  • Posted 03/27/2015 10:08:30 EDT

    See, I'm 100% on the side of PatsEng here...  This Was not "Obscene Money".  Even the Jets OPEN-MARKET-BEST-PRICE (i.e. NE could've sealed this deal IRON-CLAD for 3 may be even 4 mil below these 5 yea more »

  • Posted 03/27/2015 12:18:54 EDT

    In response to BigPapi61's comment: I'm pretty sure you are much better than this. We are going to let this go. I'm going to bed. You are a great writer. Don't wreck this. My best. straight up...  it' more »

  • Posted 03/26/2015 11:37:36 EDT

    In response to BigPapi61's comment: Pretty sure every one thought about that. Is it your desire to F#$k with every poster? Me? If so...  Thought @ which part?  And f with which posters?  Other than th more »

  • Posted 03/26/2015 11:29:19 EDT

    This article was penned with much excellence.    For weeks the map at headquarters showed the bright red arrow like a stubborn thorn in the middle of all the rest of the surrounding lands which had be more »

  • Posted 03/26/2015 11:07:13 EDT

    Jesus.  A sweety-pie died.................................................and 149 others.

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  • Posted 03/26/2015 10:48:11 EDT

    In response to BrianKangu's comment: In response to LazarusintheSanatorium's comment: You need to do this excercise- rewatch your reel and ask yourself if this excercise will enhance your motions. htt more »

  • Posted 03/26/2015 10:27:36 EDT

    In response to coolade2's comment: In response to PhatVirginian's comment: In response to TexasPat's comment:      Get your team of lawyers ready, Mr. Kraft. I don't think he'll sue. It will be intere more »

  • Posted 03/26/2015 10:12:42 EDT

    In response to ghostofjri37's comment: In response to prolate0spheroid's comment: NFL rules in favour of stodgy conservatism rather than innovation.  Too bad.  I liked the variety the technique could more »

  • Posted 03/26/2015 10:05:23 EDT

    Yeaaa, they really just could've signed him.  It wasn't revis OR McCourty...not both.  Pats, even 2 weeks in to free agency were what?- 14 mil under the cap?  revis signed, mind you AFTER he hit the o more »

  • Posted 03/26/2015 04:37:52 EDT

    I posted this on another thread... THIS is what it does and what people's reactions SHOULD be: ~~~ "If a player fails to notify the Referee of a change in his status when required or an offensive play more »

  • Posted 03/26/2015 01:49:32 EDT

    Is she smiling?  I can't tell.  I think she could be in pain though.

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  • Posted 03/26/2015 01:47:38 EDT

    My first reaction was that I was aroused by that scene...then I recognized she started faking it towards the end.  I'ma watch it again any way. 

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  • Posted 03/26/2015 01:44:00 EDT

    Bill Belichick and The Media=A Lifestyle Choice we should all attempt to abide by in each's quest towards greater individualism. I.E.=Treat Soundbites and Cliches and the Doldrum Spewings of Antiquate more »

  • Posted 03/26/2015 12:50:31 EDT

    You need to do this excercise- rewatch your reel and ask yourself if this excercise will enhance your motions.


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  • Posted 03/26/2015 12:28:51 EDT

    Brady is the best. We never gave Brady 1 good running game and our wide receivers are just a buncha "b" guys. NE's Defense svx and always fails the messiah. Noone cares about His sacrifices. He doesn' more »