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  • Forum Post: Announcers .

    Posted 05/25/2015 04:38:17 EDT

    In response to dgalehouse's comment: Sox fans love to deride national and other market announcers. Almost a right of passage for some . Watching tonight's game on ESPN , Schilling and Kruk have offere more »

  • Posted 05/24/2015 04:12:53 EDT

    Welcome 2016....watching Bogerts, Betts, SWihart, Rusney. Play together with passion, give some hopes for next year  banner season...the vets wont carry the world on their shoulders

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  • Posted 05/23/2015 02:14:54 EDT

    In response to moonslav59's comment:


    Yeah, when I think of all the issues the Sox have right now, Nava heads my list.



    At last Moon...how about Nap?

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  • Posted 05/16/2015 01:32:03 EDT

    In response to MustangBri's comment:

    Can't blame this one  on the pitching folks.  Clay came thru, and so did Vic.  

    No bashers tonight. 


    Except our moronic skipper

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  • Posted 05/16/2015 01:27:27 EDT

    In response to redsoxpride34's comment: anddd thats the game. Well done john farrell, well done. What an absolute moron. That was perhaps the biggest display of idiocy I have ever seen. Cruz is the la more »

  • Posted 05/16/2015 12:56:01 EDT

    What a clown...who in dugout will respect this M word

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  • Posted 05/16/2015 12:51:41 EDT

    Farrell stupidity as an in game manager is beyond limits...Unbelievable ...he desrves to be fired without pity right away...gosh, what a bush clown

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  • Posted 05/16/2015 12:45:50 EDT

    In response to stan17's comment: In response to redsoxpride34's comment: Is john farrell really that dense? You have a lefty on the mound, a runner on 2nd, first is empty, cruz is up and seager (a lef more »

  • Posted 05/15/2015 12:31:33 EDT

    In response to chetgnat's comment: Nap looked not awesome there Seeing Napoli taking strikes  every day is a major disrespect to Red Sox Nation. His belongs to the past, It is one of Farrell most prom more »

  • Posted 05/14/2015 11:30:20 EDT

    How about Napoli, is it forever!

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  • Posted 05/11/2015 06:46:31 EDT

    In response to sycophant123's comment: I have to admit I am getting concerned. But, as eveyone else has said, he is still very young.  His best times are aheadof him, patience is the key...just let hi more »

  • Posted 05/09/2015 09:55:32 EDT

    In response to Joebreidey's comment: Pssst...., we need a backup 1B. Nava and Vic should be replaced by Castillo and JBJ, imho, but we still need Craig until we have a backup 1B in place.   A backup 1 more »

  • Posted 05/09/2015 09:36:35 EDT

    A Realistic view of 2015 should include a Farrell deconstruction...or not?

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  • Posted 05/09/2015 06:03:42 EDT

    In response to andrewmitch's comment:

    They should had never arrived in Sox camp this February.

    How about Farrell? His obsession with Nava and Napoli is griedome...bring in Varitex, he is family

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  • Posted 05/09/2015 05:59:41 EDT

    In response to billge's comment: Rebuild Rest of season up totrade deadline  Going , going gone Papi, Nap, Vic, Craig, Nava, Buch, Miley and or Kelly.  Bring up two starters from Pawtucket and find on more »

  • Posted 05/09/2015 05:55:40 EDT

    In response to jgallag1's comment:


    Not less than two...also get rid of many like Nava, Napolii, Craig, etc...put your goal in 2016

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  • Forum Post: Mujica DFA

    Posted 05/08/2015 08:22:23 EDT

    In response to southpaw777's comment: The changes have started...And to my delight, its with the bullpen. so, do they call up Barnes? Maybe someone outside the organization? whatever they do, they nee more »

  • Posted 05/08/2015 08:12:23 EDT

    History tells that when Cromwell took absolute power in England he closed the parlament and put a sign that said:This house is for rent...

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  • Posted 05/08/2015 07:25:10 EDT

    In response to BogieAt12oclock's comment:

    Time to fire the new pitching coach.

    Time to play half Pawsox to prepare for aNap-less, Nava-less, mujica-less, buch-less and so forth, banner year in 2016

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  • Posted 05/08/2015 07:20:34 EDT

    In response to SpacemanEephus' comment: In response to BogieAt12oclock's comment: MOOKIE   PEDIE   PANDA   NAPS   NAVA   CRAIG   SWIHART   BOGEY   SHAW       Wiley Miley and the BP better not give up more »

  • Posted 05/06/2015 11:59:36 EDT

    In response to billge's comment:

    Luckily , Miley goes Friday

    They are inconsistent, one game good three games awful...

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  • Posted 05/06/2015 11:57:02 EDT

    In response to Joebreidey's comment:    Farrell isn't very ood IMO.....I think he should go. And the whole team doesn't need to go, but a couple of SP need to be replaced if we are going to make the p more »

  • Posted 05/06/2015 07:52:15 EDT

    In response to BogieAt12oclock's comment: MOOKIE   PEDEY   PAPI   NAPTIME   PANDA   CRAIG   BROCKSTAR   BOGEY   SWIHART   Hopefully the SOX can nurse this one to a win.   Btw, it is National Nurse Day more »

  • Posted 05/05/2015 10:00:31 EDT

    Hey?...some credit to Porcello, he quit the piano to play the cello...bravo...

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  • Posted 05/05/2015 09:52:12 EDT

    The yanks might pick him, they adore ex-sox players

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