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  • Posted 03/27/2015 01:05:56 EDT

    In response to greenkiller's comment: In response to CubanPete's comment: In response to greenkiller's comment: Update:   Clarkson: 36 min, 12-19 fg, 4 rebs, 7 assists, 1 steal, 3 blks, 30 pts. Smart: more »

  • Posted 03/27/2015 12:55:12 EDT

    In response to teejaytee70's comment: Come on, fellas.  This would be one sweet, sweet loss tonight against the Knicks.  You're going to have to dig deep down to pull this one out.  You can do it! The more »

  • Posted 03/25/2015 03:04:17 EDT

    Rondae Hollis-Jefferson could be another Tony Allen.

    That's not a bad b0obie prize.

    BTW, the moderators are like old women. Really?



    "There's a turd in the punchbowl."

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  • Posted 03/25/2015 03:02:32 EDT

    In response to prakash's comment: BTW, I am for Frank Kaminsky.  That is a Brad Stevens player. So am I, but if the Cs make the playoffs, he'll be off the board when the Cs pick. "There's a turd in th more »

  • Posted 03/25/2015 03:00:52 EDT

    In response to xxcodyfxx's comment: The players we should look at is trading up for cauley stein, or drafting Devin booker, montrezl Harrell, Jacob poletl, bobby Portis and Brice Johnson. Brice Johnso more »

  • Posted 03/25/2015 02:53:06 EDT

    In response to maryngary's comment:   Clueless Celtic Cheerleader   Winslow from Duke would be a prefect fit at the wing for the Celts.  He is projected to go in the top 10 but could fall.   He remind more »

  • Posted 03/25/2015 02:51:31 EDT

    Sullinger is a terrible shooter. 44.3%.

    That just plain sucks for a big.



    "There's a turd in the punchbowl."

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  • Posted 03/25/2015 02:47:23 EDT

    In response to greenkiller's comment: Update:   Clarkson: 36 min, 12-19 fg, 4 rebs, 7 assists, 1 steal, 3 blks, 30 pts. Smart:     23 min, 1-3 fg, 1 reb, 0 assist, 2 steals, 0 blk, 2 pts.   Thoughts?? more »

  • Posted 03/24/2015 01:42:39 EDT

    Now the the Celtics are about to land the most coveted "8th seed". Here's a list of players we should discuss...   Christian Wood SO, PF UNLV Sam Dekker JR, SF Wisconsin Jakob Poeltl FR, C Utah Malik more »

  • Posted 03/24/2015 01:15:46 EDT

    If you can't go to a Cs/Cavs game, go to the Chicago stockyards and watch the man with the sledge hammer (we'll call him 'LeBron') in action.

    "There's a turd in the punchbowl."

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  • Posted 03/24/2015 01:02:03 EDT

    In response to BostonTrollSpanker's comment: " If we have IT and Bradley we should win at least 6 of the next ten. It will at least be fun to watch." Bradley is playing better than I thought and more more »

  • Posted 03/22/2015 08:33:24 EDT

    Smart did the Cs a great service. His presence would have given the Cs an unwanted "win" today.

    Go Nets! Go Hornets! Go Pacers!


    "There's a turd in the punchbowl."

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  • Forum Post: Yogi > Pressey

    Posted 03/21/2015 04:15:29 EDT

    Who is 'Yogi'? Berra or Bear?



    "There's a turd in the punchbowl."

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  • Posted 03/21/2015 04:08:12 EDT

    That was a taste of what the Cs will get if they continue their foolish push to make the playoffs.



    "There's a turd in the punchbowl."

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  • Posted 03/21/2015 04:02:29 EDT

    In response to Boston-D-Party's comment: he sucks ^ | This. To elaborate, for a man so big and with such a long reach, his steal rate sucks for a big. Moreover, his block rate dropped from 15.0% last more »

  • Forum Post: Celts-Thunder

    Posted 03/19/2015 04:16:22 EDT

    The Cs couldn't beat OKC sans Obaka and Durant and some of you are blaming the refs?

    Yeah, the Cs will go far in the playoffs.


    "There's a turd in the punchbowl."

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  • Posted 03/17/2015 08:59:37 EDT

    In response to BrandBreaker8's comment: It's all part of player development ... what have the Sixers got to show for all their tanking but a losing environment with current players seeing past lottery more »

  • Posted 03/17/2015 05:05:43 EDT

    James Young got sent to the D-League today. That could mean something's up. I like Griffin's numbers, i more »

  • Posted 03/14/2015 02:28:46 EDT

    In response to Friesian333's comment:   Why would he be much better with us?.    We don't have a James or Irving for teams to focus on.     His defense is poor on a good day.     I'll pass      Better more »

  • Posted 03/14/2015 02:22:43 EDT

    In response to ImagydVast's comment: Been saying this for months. Kid has something.  He's a keeper. 10 assists, great ball handler. He clearly has worked on his shot as well as his d. Again, ab can g more »

  • Posted 03/10/2015 04:20:12 EDT

    In response to hondorondo's comment: Every team needs a Brandon Bass. The key word is "reliable". I think Danny should sign him to a 3 or 4 year extension. I think Brandon would love to stay a Celtic more »

  • Posted 03/10/2015 04:01:02 EDT

    Olynyk is having a good year. His 2.0% steal rate is good, he's improved on his TO%, and has been a solid rebounder. He's rusty from his injury. He just needs to show more confidence in his 3pt shot. more »

  • Posted 03/10/2015 03:52:41 EDT

    Hey Greenkiller, FYI... ESPN's Real Plus Minus (Point Guards) Name GP MPG ORPM DRPM RPM WAR RPM rank WAR rank Smart 48 26.1 1.47 0.47 1.94 3.29 (16th out of 80) (18th out of 80) Clarkson 40 20.9 0.10 more »

  • Posted 03/10/2015 03:38:36 EDT

    In response to FierceBrand's comment: Javale McGee was a freebie.   Ainge and the Celts let him walk just because of a Team Option.       Why not offer McGee a multi-year deal?       Of course McGee w more »

  • Posted 03/05/2015 01:05:18 EST

    For those of you making fun of Sam Hinkie, he got a 1st round pick from the Nuggets just to take McGee off their hands. That and his team could make out like bandits in this draft. Hinkie knows the im more »