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About Me: Been a Red Sox fan since about 1950. Became a Pats fan when they joined the league but was a Lions fan before that because Boston didn't have a pro football team. I'm glad they are in different divisions because i can root for both.

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  • Forum Post: Discussion Topics

    Posted 07/01/2015 08:07:44 EDT

    Doesn't Dear Abby run a column anymore?

    The Pats and Brady are fighting for their lives and some people want to start discussions  about marriage, Donald Trump and Bristol Palin.

  • Forum Post: Where do you stand?

    Posted 06/29/2015 10:27:47 EDT

    It all depends upon if Tom is guilty.  If Brady did not tell anyone to underflate they I wouldn't be in favor of a deal.  Take Goodell to court.  The NFL can't win.  But the Pats may lose in the long more »

  • Forum Post: Brady to serve one game suspension

    Posted 06/28/2015 08:34:42 EDT

    I'd force Goodell to testify in court.  He doesn't have a chance.  Of course he would really have it in for the Pats then

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  • Forum Post: OT: Marriage

    Posted 06/27/2015 11:52:14 EDT

    I have an opinion but the deal is over so let it be. No sense b#%$^&** about it

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  • Forum Post: OT: Marriage

    Posted 06/26/2015 11:33:49 EDT

    everybody has an opinion but the only one that counts is the ACLU

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  • Forum Post: What is your Prediction?

    Posted 06/26/2015 08:54:28 EDT

    Goodell is not going to backdown.  He wanted to punish the Patriots.  An honest person would have passed on to the orginaztion that reports were being made about deflating the balls below min and they more »

  • Forum Post: "Whatever Goodell decides, that's what is going to happen."

    Posted 06/24/2015 08:53:37 EDT

    Goodell is to full of himself...He is not going to back down.  It's going to have to be Brady and the Patriots to accept some fault in the process and push for new rules on the handling of footballs.  more »

  • Forum Post: Goodell Thinks Brady Lied

    Posted 06/23/2015 09:48:25 EDT

    The Pats are going to have to accept some responsibility; rightly or wrongly, becasue Goodell is not going to accept humilitation.

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  • Forum Post: OT: St. Louis Cardinals Hacking Scandal

    Posted 06/17/2015 08:14:52 EDT

    If the Card organization if found guilt the punishment will be so severe that no other team will even think of doing it.

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  • Forum Post: Fred Davis

    Posted 06/14/2015 06:54:40 EDT

    Davis had same issues in high school.  Was local big time player but just couldn't put it together.  I wouldn't count on anything spectaculiar our of him. 

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  • Forum Post: This is Horrible.

    Posted 06/09/2015 09:34:12 EDT

    You don't really think Goodell is dumb enough to show his face at a Patriots football game do you.

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  • Forum Post: Patriots Fans Unite Against (Goodell's) NFL

    Posted 06/06/2015 10:15:48 EDT

    I'd stay away from this Facebook page unitl it's clear whats going on.

    apparently it's been hacked and bad things have been happending to members accounts.

    But then it appears everything is healthy.

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  • Forum Post: Kraft at it again

    Posted 06/05/2015 08:24:37 EDT

    I find if very offensive that the NFL charges the military to participate in its events.  Despicable!!!

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  • Forum Post: The Colts? Serioiusly?

    Posted 05/30/2015 11:06:52 EDT

    The NFL is rigged about as bad as FIFA

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  • Forum Post: Its Official.... He has pics of BB and Goody on vacation in the offseason

    Posted 05/29/2015 12:17:33 EDT

    Oh really?  My other team, the Lions have Ebron and Pettigrew.  ha ha...

    I'd trade them for your waterboy

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  • Forum Post: Why did the Colts wait until the day before to warn the league?

    Posted 05/25/2015 09:06:17 EDT

    I'm afraid Kraft Brady and the union are looking for a way out of anymore publicity about this.  It's best for the organization to end it. Goodell is going to get the Pats one way or another.  If Brad more »

  • Forum Post: Where You Stand Depends On Where You Sit

    Posted 05/23/2015 08:19:41 EDT

    Kraft did what he had to for the benefit of the team.  This bulcrap would have gone on forever and could have been a major distraction to the start of the season.  It still will be a problem but not l more »

  • Forum Post: If I'm Brady and I'm innocent...

    Posted 05/21/2015 10:38:47 EDT

    Goodell just saying if Brady wants reprieve of 4 games he needs to turn over his phone.  I hope Brady tells him to go eff himself.

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  • Forum Post: NFL says Patriots lied

    Posted 05/21/2015 09:11:16 EDT

    There is not much doubt the Pats ball guys let some air out of the balls.  Brady has said he likes them softer rather than hard.  Did they intentionally let to much out.  Maybe nobody knows.  Maybe th more »

  • Forum Post: What Will The Kraft Supporters Say when Clowndell Upholds Brady's Suspension?

    Posted 05/20/2015 09:17:34 EDT

    If the NFL was so concerned about the integrity of the fooballs why do they give them to the teams to practice with all week before the game?

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  • Forum Post: If you Stand by Your Team, sign in

    Posted 05/20/2015 09:14:42 EDT

    Kraft did the right thing.  This has gone on way to long and will affect the team this season if they don't get rid of the distraction.  Kraft also understood if he continued to fight the Goodell gang more »

  • Forum Post: Lou Dobbs gets it

    Posted 05/17/2015 10:34:04 EDT

    Lou Dobbsis one of my favorite guys on the cable networks.  Not usually a news guy but someone with common sence and one that looks at facts.

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  • Forum Post: Question regarding Brady's Appeal

    Posted 05/15/2015 10:17:48 EDT

    I'd rather lose Brady for 4 games and pay a milliion dollar fine than lose next years nr 1 draft pick.  And a nr 4 pick from the next year.

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  • Forum Post: Goodell to hear appeal

    Posted 05/15/2015 08:51:08 EDT

    Goodell has the other owners behind him.  They don't like losing to the Pats every year.

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  • Forum Post: Goodell to hear appeal

    Posted 05/15/2015 08:15:26 EDT

    Goodell is not going to give in to Tom Brady or he would have stopped all this BS months ago.  Goodell is appeasing the rest of the NFL teams that don't like losing to Brady and the rest of the footba more »

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