Dog Gets All the Balls, Reminds Us What It’s Like to Be Happy

It’s Monday. The weather is beautiful. We’re all trapped inside and in need of a reminder of what it’s like to be happy. This dog is here to give it to us.

You see, Maymo celebrated his birthday in this video and he did so in a manner that all dogs and most humans will be jealous of – with 100 colorful balls bouncing and rolling around him for an entire afternoon.

At first, Maymo is mesmerized by the prospect of more than one ball. As two, then three, then four balls bounce nearby, he doesn’t even know what to do with himself. But that’s just the beginning. Do you see what happens when the whole lot of them is dropped on the floor? Maymo runs in fear – fear of how much he loves those toys.


So on this Monday, when the sun is shining and you are at your desk, watch Maymo play until he passes out. Then remember that waiting somewhere out in that beautiful world is something that brings you as much joy as 100 balls brought to that adorable pup.

Maybe it’s someone you love, maybe it’s having this Friday off for the holiday, or maybe you and Maymo share a passion for way more toy balls than you’ll ever need. But whatever it is, it’s out there and thinking of it ought to make you smile. And hey, finding something to smile about on a Monday like this is proof that even when you’re stuck in your cubicle, life is pretty good.

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