Flatulent Pit Bull Finally Finds a Happy Home

Misty, the gassy pit bull.
Misty, the gassy pit bull. –Facebook/Greenville County Pet Rescue

Go ahead and laugh. Yes, this is a bit of a silly story about a farting dog, so let yourself have a few minutes to chuckle about that before we move on. Let it out, so to speak.

Ready? Alright, let’s be adults and get through this together.

Misty is an approximately 1-year-old pit bull mix who was adopted from a high kill shelter in Greenville, South Carolina only to be returned because she “passes too much gas.’’ The shelter, already at capacity, would have to euthanize Misty if no one came forward to take her, so they posted her information on Facebook in the hopes of finding a home.


Unfortunately, most people who commented expressed some distaste for the person who gave her up, but didn’t offer to take Misty in. Some people generously offered to buy her special brands of food that might soothe her sensitive stomach, but that wouldn’t be enough.

Until Tuesday, when The Huffington Post reported that a spokesperson for the shelter said they had found Misty a place to stay, even if she does keep passing gas:

Luckily, we can heave a collective “phew’’: Susan Bufano, a shelter spokesperson, told HuffPost by email that Misty will soon be in the care of people who know to expect a little flatulence, and a lot of love.

“We are still evaluating her and have a foster for her,’’ said Bufano. “We anticipate finding her a home.’’

Good for that foster family, both for eschewing all the horrible and generally misguided stereotypes about pit bulls and for being willing to put up with a few farts for the love of a good dog. The world needs more people like that.

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