The Best Gifts for Pets (and Their Owners!)

Pets need presents too. Here’s a list of helpful, zany, and just plain strange gifts for your pet, or the pet-loving people in your life.

What’s that, Fido? Now you can finally figure out what your pet is saying with Bowlingual Voice, which translates your pup’s noises into phrases. It was named one of the Best Inventions of 2002 by Time Magazine, so you know it’s legit.

Sometimes after a long day of playing, sleeping, and eating, your dog needs to take a load off and just relax. These non-alcoholic, non-carbonated Bowser Beers should do the trick.


It can be hard to wrangle your cat for bathtime or nail clipping. Swaddling it in this creepy Cat Grooming Bag will make it much easier.

Cleaning the litter box is a pain. Why not potty train your cat instead, with the CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit? Now if only you could teach the cat to flush.

Your dog will be the hottest dog at the dogpark in this Dog Bikini. Weird stares sold separately.

Want to wear your pooch like a purse? This Dog Carrier definitely won’t damage your dog’s internal organs as he dangles from your hip.

This Dog Potty Training Doorbell lets your dog tell you she needs to go…now.

iBone,because dogs want to feel like they’re a part of modern society too.

The Happy Trails Pet Stroller kind of defeats the purpose of taking your dog (or cat!) for a walk, but it will get you a lot of curious looks.

Since your pet won’t be getting any exercise sitting in its stroller, here’s the PetZen Dog Treadmill. (Though we know that, pretty soon, it will just become a place for your dog to hang his clothes.)


If your dog is prone to “accidents,’’ and the doggy doorbell just didn’t work, try the PoochPad PoochPant Diaper. It’s reusable, and good for 300 washings!

The smell of wet dog is not pleasant. Prevent it in the first place with a Pet Umbrella.

Have you always wanted to be on CSI, and also always wanted to see your pet’s messes in extreme detail? Here’s a Ultraviolet Flashlight, which can illuminate hidden household stains of all kinds. Have fun!

Is your dog too good for a water bowl? Hand-water him with this Handi-Drink Dog Water Bottle.

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