The MSPCA now has a 24/7 live stream of adoptable pets

So much cute.


The MSPCA now has a pet cam.

In honor of National Pet Month, the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Animal Cruelty has set up an Adoption Center Live Stream. A camera affixed in the company’s Jamaica Plain headquarters will film puppies, kittens, and adult animals all hours of the day, each day of the week, for perpetuity.

The camera was switched on at the end of April to correspond with the beginning of National Pet Month in May, but MSPCA spokesperson Rob Halpin assures that the live stream is an ongoing project. Halpin also noted that other MSPCA shelter locations, like those in Methuen and down the Cape, will hopefully be hooked up to the stream in the future.


Each animal shown on the stream is adoptable, according to Halpin, which was part of the MSPCA’s decision to set it up, as it allows potential adopters to “get up close and personal with pets before they visit the shelter.” Additionally, the camera allows shelter employees to keep a closer eye on pets when they’re not around.

“The camera has proved valuable in that [staff is] able to check in at night, when the shelter is closed and quiet, to monitor animal behavior,” Halpin said. ”It gives the staff that much more data to make better housing choices for the animals in our care.”

Viewers benefit from the 24/7 live stream as well, Halpin said.

“It just makes people feel good to see that not only are [the animals] comfortable, but they’re safe and cared for,” he continued. “And you can even watch staffers cuddling with them.”

Plus, it’s really, really cute.

Watch the live stream on the MSPCA’s official website.


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