We asked to see your cats for National Cat Day and you answered. Get ready for cute overload.


Charlie, a 5-year-old Persian cat, is a Red Sox fan.
Charlie, a 5-year-old Persian cat, is a Red Sox fan. –Courtesy of Matt Perry

National Cat Day happened this week — as if the Internet needed a reason to celebrate cats.

When we asked Boston.com readers to share photos of their fluffy feline family members, they responded with pictures of yawning cats, cats in clothes, a black cat celebrating Halloween, snuggling siblings, and even a Red Sox fan with his own Instagram account.

Charlie, a Ben & Jerry’s-loving 5-year-old Persian with a Red Sox bandana, has more than 26,000 followers on Instagram.

“Charlie is a dog living in a cat’s body,” wrote owner Matt Perry. “He brings significant joy to everyone around him and has converted countless cat-haters into ‘I only like Charlie.'”


Ahead, check out 17 more Boston-area cats and learn what, according to their owners, makes them special.


Simon the Persian cat. —Courtesy of Jessica Meher

“Simon was rescued from a bad breeder, and was very sick,” wrote owner Jessica Meher. “We nursed him back to health and now he’s a wonderfully playful and cozy lap cat!”


Eduardo is also known as “The Ed Man.” —Courtesy of B Shea-Taylor

“Eduardo, known by his many fans as The Ed Man, has always been an outrageous flirt,” wrote owner B Shea-Taylor. “Here is he, with those come-hither eyes.”

Archibald (Archie) and Ernest (Ernie)

Brothers Archibald and Ernest. —Courtesy of Jennifer Sabatini

“The handsome duo was adopted by us through Guardian Angels Cat Rescue,” wrote owner Jennifer Sabatini. “They apparently previously lived by a dumpster — we are so happy to have given them a forever home!!”


Jimmy has a brother named Frankie (below). —Courtesy of Donna Wadsworth

“My pride and joys,” wrote owner Donna Wadsworth about Jimmy and his brother Frankie (below).


Frankie has a brother named Jimmy (above). —Courtesy of Donna Wadsworth


Sammy dressed for Halloween. —Courtesy of Mike and Lori

“Sammy roams free during the day (with a collar) in our neighborhood and is loved by all,” wrote his owners, Mike and Lori. “The world’s best cat!”

Sequoia and Montague

Brothers Sequoia and Montague. —Courtesy of Colleen Ford

“These two brothers teach how to love one another without limitations or conditions,” wrote owner Colleen Ford.


Felix is a 2 year old rescue. —Courtesy of Kristen Reeves

Felix, a 2-year-old rescue, spends his time digging kibble out of the bowl, swatting it around the kitchen floor like a toy, and then eating it, according to owner Kristen Reeves.


“He’s an all around dork that runs to greet you at the door every time you walk in,” wrote Reeves.

Sgt. Morelli

Sgt. Morelli —Courtesy of Tina S.

“Ever since I rescued him six years ago from the Animal Rescue League in the South End, this guy has been by my side and keeping my apartment mouse free,” wrote owner Lisa S. “He is the best because he ‘helps’ me with everything from reading to wrapping presents, from crafting to doing my work. But in all seriousness, even though he isn’t the cuddliest he always greets me at the door purring and puts a smile on my face.”


Angie was adopted from the MSPCA. —Courtesy of Wendy Jennings

Wendy Jennings wrote that her son adopted Angie from the MSPCA about five years ago.

“He chose her because when he saw her she looked the ‘saddest,'” wrote Jennings. “It took her about a year for her to interact with the rest of the family … Fast forward to today and as you can see she is a Mama’s girl! The joy she has brought me is immeasurable.”


Peaches is a Turkish Van breed. —Courtesy of Marilyn Barrett

Peaches is “a Turkish Van breed that enjoys water, [has] beautiful soft fur, [and is] independent,” wrote Marilyn Barrett. “My daughter’s cat.”


Ginger —Courtesy of Heidi Ashih

“Ginger enjoys cuddling on our laps,” wrote owner Heidi Ashih.


Nermal —Courtesy of Joanna Rothman

Wrote owner Joanna Rothman about this photo of her cat Nermal: “Does my butt look big?”


Lucy —Courtesy of Anita Ressel

“We are all Red Sox fans,” wrote owner Anita Ressel.


Peggy the cat catching some rays. —Courtesy of Peter Lingelbach

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