Photos: Over 100 spotlight-worthy ‘presidential’ pets from readers

Readers submitted cute and funny photos of their beloved dogs, cats, bunnies, 'skinny pigs,' and one palm cockatoo.

"Winnie loves eating leaves, laying on the coldest floor in the house, belly rubs, and most of all...peanut butter," Rachel Rose wrote of her 2-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog. Rachel Rose

Last week, to mark the return of dogs into the White House with President-elect Joe Biden’s two beloved dogs, Champ and Major Biden, we asked readers if their pets were just as worthy of fame. Major Biden will also be the first rescue dog in the White House. To no surprise, readers, over a hundred of them, delivered their cutest, furriest, and most cherished pets. Here are all the pets submitted, shown off by their owners,  who seem to love them very much.

Some submission captions were edited lightly for clarity and grammar. 

Albert Einstein, the Pekingese

“Our dog is a roughly 9-year-old Pekingese. His name is Albert Einstein 🙂 We call him Al. A picture is attached of him on his throne.”

Jax, the plant-loving Basenji

“This is our Basenji, Jax. He cooling off in our hosta, must be his relaxing spot.”

Coco, a pup that’s come along way

“This is Coco. She is a 7-month-old that we rescued from Tanzania. She was found tied up and neglected, unable to use her back legs and rescued by my friend’s animal shelter, Every Living Thing. My previous pet (his name was Big Papi) was from the same shelter, and he died unexpectedly in February, so it was really important to me that they came from the same place to preserve that connection. When I reached out to my friend in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, I told her that we want her to be on the lookout for any dogs she thinks would be good for us, and she instantly thought of Coco. Almost a month of stressful coordinating flights and paperwork, she landed in Boston to start her new life on Oct. 7. Ever since, she’s been the biggest love bug who loves to say ‘hi’ to everyone she meets and gives cuddles all day.”

Moose and Duncan

“Glad to have dogs back in the White House! There’s nothing better to teach compassion and humility than having a dog. Pictured are two rescue dogs — Duncan, 8, a Great Pyrenees, and Moose, 9, and American mutt.”

This sweet gal, Annie

“Thank you for highlighting the joy of rescue dogs. Our sweet Annie is a 12-year-old rescue who came to us from Georgia. Her smile is infectious. She’s kind and gentle. She loves her stuffed animals, treats, walks, and a daily butt scratch. Annie makes our family whole.”

Wilfork, the 8-month-old rescue

“A rescue from Alabama. Loves people, dogs, playing catch, and still trying to win over her cat sister, Tasha.”

Benny, a Brookline pup

“We just adopted this lovely puppy, Benny, from the shelter. He is 4 months old, he is a beagle/hound mix and we live in Brookline. He made our “lockdown” life fun and happier :). We are excited the White House will have dogs again! Enjoy!”

Astrid, a 6-year-old cat

“Tuxedo cat who I call fluffernutter.”

Aloysius, a multi-colored 10-year-old

“Multi color long haired female who has only 1 canine tooth left.”

This yawning boy, Beanie

“This is Beanie, he is almost 2 years old. He is a mackerel tabby we got from a shelter. He was originally born in the Bahamas!! Since he spent the first year of his life going from shelter to shelter his meow is more of a “mah-woo” probably from hearing dogs crying and howling.”

This blue-eyed Bruins fan, Ruby

“This is my cat Ruby. She is 12 years old and lives in the Charlestown Navy Yard. We are very excited to finally have a pet back in the White House, even if there won’t be a cat.”

Molly, the Briard

Molly is a 5-year-old Briard that weighs 75 pounds.

Ludo the poodle

Ludo “AKA Ludovico” is a standard poodle, at 1.5 years old.

Baxter, a goofball that snores loud and has a need for scattering the seagulls

“This is Baxter. He is a 10-year-old boxer and the absolute joy of mine and my fiance’s life. He is the sweetest, 70-pound lap dog in the world. Like all boxers, he is a huge goofball. He loves to give hugs, is a constant presence on any Zoom call, and snores enough to wake the whole neighborhood. All he wants is to be close to his people, chase seagulls along Carson Beach, and of course treats.”

A lovebug named Cooper

“Cooper, an 11-year-old Maltipoo, lovebug.”

Looch, a cat named after former Boston Bruin Milan Lucic

“He’s seven years old and a domestic medium hair mix (part goat, part cat, part dog and part joker) and he snores. Looch has brought so much happiness into our lives.”


Looch shoots pool.

Looch goofs off in a disguise.

Dunkin, this best buddy named after New England’s favorite coffee brand

This is my best friend Dunkin (and yes, after DD!) He adopted me 3.5 years ago when he was 5. The shelter has a program called “Boomer Buddies” where dogs over 5 are matched up with people over 50. P.S. We have two cats named ‘Donut’ and ‘Munchkin;! I miss New England.”

Buttermilk, the sweet rescue

“After reading about the Biden’s dogs, I am excited to share pictures of our rescue! Attached are pictures of Buttermilk, she is a 2-and-a-half-year-old Lab, Retriever, and Jindo mix. We rescued her from a kill shelter in Tennessee in May. She very well might be the sweetest dog on the planet. She is the silver lining of this crazy year!”


Buttermilk in the leaves.

Hobbes, a three-legged cutie

“This is Hobbes and he’s 3 years old. My wife and I adopted him in 2018 from Ruff Tales Rescue. He may only have three legs, but that doesn’t slow him down one bit! His favorite activities include: eating, napping, and playing.”

Stella, a local celebrity

This is Stella, a 10-year-old English bulldog from Hampton NH, known for her loyalty and loving companionship. Her butt wiggles are relentless every time she sees a human. Loves excessive amount of treats if she can get them, demonstrated snoozing, and walkies in the woods when it’s cooler out. In her spare time chases after the neighborhood cat or bunnies, and makes guest appearances in the neighborhood that makes her feel like a celebrity at times.”



Stella loves attention.

Enzo, who likes the snow

“This is Enzo. He’s a 3½ year old terrier mix from a local shelter. He’ll be following #DOTUS.”

Cody, age 7

“The biggest lap dog.”

Peachy the cat, who may or may not have sent in her own spotlight submission

Our 4-year-old female calico cat, Peachy (a rescue from the great state of Georgia), feels like her being in the spotlight here suits her, but she also wouldn’t mind further adulation.”

“She insisted on pressing ‘Enter’ for this email, too!”

A spoiled whiner, Dunkin

“He is an Australian shepherd mix who was adopted from a rescue 10 years ago. He LOVES pillows and will whine until he gets what he wants. Very spoiled in this house!”

Rico, new in town, but fitting in right at home

Rico was adopted by our son Ryan not long after he moved to Phoenix, Arizona in June of last year. The Covid-19 resulting in reduced work caused Ryan to give up on establishing himself in a growing city. They both arrived in Mass. on April 28th. Rico was definitely a change for a family who had no dogs or cats in the house. Rico totally won everyone over. As an office mate he knows what he wants. Sun and fun are his two favorite activities.”

Dashing boy, Spruce

“This is Spruce (2 years old) and is getting a playmate this winter (another Bernese mountain dog). You cannot deny how handsome he is!”

Bunny, with sweet eyes

“Bunny Killilea, she is 13 years old. My husband and I rescued her. She is a ‘mini doxie.'”

These bunnies, suited for the spotlight, fans of civic duties

“This is Sundae (black and white) and Bart (black). They are rescued house rabbits who love to eat and snuggle. They are ‘free range’ and very spoiled. Bart is 3 years old and we think Sundae is about 4.”


Bart celebrates the act of voting with snacks.

The inseparable, Kaylen and Otto

“Kaylen & Otto are Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. They turned 5 in July.”

“They have been together since birth.”

Best boy, Murphy

“This is Murphy (1992-2005), black lab — my former life co-pilot. He was the best boy, but I am biased!”

Jack, an informed cat

“This is Jack, he’s 9 years old and was adopted from a local shelter when he was 7. I had just informed him that Trump has not conceded yet, when this photo was snapped.”

Heartwarmers Nikko and Quinze

“I know dogs get the spotlight, but I have a couple of furry friends who deserve the best. One is a 14 year guy, Nikko, who was injured and wandered into my yard and never left. The other is a 2 year old , Quinze who had two broken front legs and won my heart in a picture the shelter sent me after I donated a cat tree to their foster program. Happy that a shelter dog is headed to the White House.”

This playful pup Hanks, named after Tom Hanks

“This is Hanks. He is a 3-year-old red Golden Retriever named after the GOAT actor himself, Tom Hanks! He is an avid swimmer, treat consumer (goes nuts for Polkadog Bakery), and loves his new baby cousin, Liv. He enjoys long walks, going to daycare, and the occasional lazy day on the couch. He is so happy Champ and Major Biden will be moving into the White House soon and hopes he can have a playdate with them someday! He also has his very own Instagram, @adventuresofhanks!”


Hanks, a family man, pictured with his baby cousin, Liv.

Ace, an inspiring rescue

“He is a six-year-old beagle mix. Why is he so special? Ace inspired me to launch my own 501(c)(3) dog rescue based here in Boston! “A Place for Ace” ( Ace was once a stray who lived in the woods down South. His love inspired me to save over 300 other dogs from Texas since 2018!”

Ace inspired his owner, Meagan, to rescue others.

Mello, the sleepy pup whose bonds with his owner was love at first sight

“He’s approximately 5 years old and, according to his Embark DNA test results, 50% Chihuahua. The other 50% is a medley of adorable small breed dogs he looks nothing like. People always ask if he’s part Corgi, and while it didn’t show up on his results by name, I’m adamant that he has Corgi in him. It’s 2020; he can identify himself however he wants.”

“I adopted him about a year and a half ago in Los Angeles while on vacation. The friends I was staying with knew I was a big fan of Bravo, so they surprised me with a visit to Vanderpump Dogs. I’d been looking for a male Chihuahua to adopt in Boston for over two years after losing my last Chi, Lulu, in 2017. Small dogs are tougher to come by on the East Coast, but they’re everywhere in LA. We walked in and the FIRST dog I see is a 4-year-old male Chihuahua mix named Carmelo Vanderpump. I asked to see him and he IMMEDIATELY jumped into my lap. It was a sign. I spent some time getting to know him, decided I was in love, and applied for him on the spot. Two days later he was all mine and we were flying back to Boston on the red eye.”

“Mello’s been making my life better ever since the day he came home with me. But one of our most memorable moments came about a month into our time together. We were sitting in my former Beacon Hill apartment watching TV (Bravo, of course) when all of a sudden guess who runs across the screen? MELLO! Apparently he had been filmed for an ad spot promoting the film ‘A Dog’s Journey.’ I screamed so loud, my neighbor came to make sure everything was OK. I might be a little biased, but Mello is the world’s sweetest boy. His name is inspired by his shelter name, Carmelo, and a nod to his mellow personality. He’d sleep 20 out of 24 hours a day if you let him, but he’s also down for 5-mile hikes and long walks exploring (i.e. smelling) the city. He tucks himself into bed and sleeps on his back with his head on the pillow like a human. His tail rolls up into a near-perfect circle, which I call his donut tail. I’ve shared incredible bonds with dogs before, but I truly think Mello is something special. I feel so lucky to have such a great companion during this difficult time.”

Sadie, a virtual therapy dog-in-training.

“This is Sadie, she’s a 9-month-old Cockapoo born in Rockport, MA and currently living in South Boston. We got her during the pandemic, so she’s had a pretty sweet life, with both her parents always at home to play. Her favorite things are snuggling, chewing on sticks (and furniture) and playing with her puppy friends. She also got to attend her parents wedding this summer, which was pretty exciting because it was at the beach! Sadie’s mom is a pediatric therapist, so she has also been practicing her skills as a virtual therapy dog. She is hoping to generalize her skills to the hospital when the pandemic is over! Sadie is very excited that Champ and Major are coming to the White House, because she loves to watch dogs on TV. She really hopes they will give some speeches. You can follow her on Instagram for more pics, @sadie.the.poo!”

Sadie at her parents wedding this summer.

Bailey, a local in Quincy

“This is Bailey. He is a one-and-a-half-year-old Maltipoo who lives in Marina Bay, Quincy. He is a light in my life and brings lots of laughs. He’s definitely treated royally!”

Bemo, the fearless husky

“Bemo is our five-year-old Siberian Husky. She obeys no one, fears nothing, and would chase a deer to Canada if we let her. She is a wonderful diva and loves us in that weird half wild Siberian husky way.”

Chester, a wise guy

“Chester is an American bulldog. He’s a rescue from Tennessee who I found on, and who was placed with me for adoption by Dogs in Harmony. His actual date of birth is unknown; he joined my life as a young pup in early 2016 and I estimate he’s about 4.5 years old. Chester’s brilliant! He has a huge vocabulary. He is always sniffing, listening, and looking around with great attention to the tiniest of details. He’s physical, high-energy, agile, and 80 pounds of lapdog. He loves to ride in the car, to play with ChuckIt balls and to chew on nylabones; he enthusiastically greets all people and other dogs and goes with the flow as my sweet companion. “

A ‘floofy boy’ named ‘Guy’

“Please meet Gaetano LaGana (or “Guy”), a 20-month-old long-haired German Shepherd. He went from living in rural NY to the city streets of the Back Bay. He likes snow, sleeping, Beggin Strips and head scratches. Say hi to this floofy boy if you see him on his daily stroll!”

Layla in the South End

“Meet Layla! Hands down the most kid-friendly, gentle and happy dog in the South End! Yet to meet a dog or human she doesn’t love unconditionally! Sounds presidential to me!”

Oliver, lover of squeaky toys

“This is my pup Oliver. He is an 8 year old black pug who loves his small squeaky toys.”

Ponkan the pom

“My dog is a male Pomeranian. He is seven years old, and his name is Ponkan.”

Joe and Champ, best buds

“Here’s my 9-year-old-son, Joe, and our 12-year-old rescue dog Champ taken last Saturday after we heard the news that Joe Biden had won!”

Honey, a sweet pup

“My beautiful Honey, rescued at 3 years of age from a backyard breeder. She’d had several litters of puppies that she was never allowed to mother; she startled at the slightest noise, and she had no doggy or human social skills when I adopted her. It’s the little things that have meant so much to me over the last 1+ year: the first time she didn’t flinch when I touched her, the first time I came home from the store and she scampered joyously and actually barked for the first time (I cried), and the first time she put her front paws on my thigh and laid her head down on top of them. She still startles at the slightest noise (lucky for her that I’m a naturally quiet person), it took her a long time to get used to going outside (she’d lived her entire life indoors, in a cage, and had never seen grass or the sun), but now she puts the brakes on (all 8 lbs of her) and hates going back inside. After the first few months of living with her, I wasn’t sure if she’d ever be a happy puppy, and didn’t know if I could ever really be close to her, but a few months later…I was in love and still am. I’m a HUGE Biden supporter and I’m so glad we’re going to have not one, but two dogs in the Biden White House — I can’t wait!”

Gizmo the Basenji/Beagle

“This is my dig Gizmo that I adopted 3 years ago. He is 6 years old and a Beagle Basenji mix. He is so full of joy and loves to greet everyone and hug them with his front paws.”

Moki in Wayland

“Moki, is a 2-year-old that lives in Wayland, Mass. Mixed husky mutt (spitz, Alaska, laika, yada yada…)? Possibly some shepherd and retriever ? He loves to run, dig and get dirty, snuggle and wrestle, play, guard, pose. He is from Oklahoma, a rescue.”

A ‘snugglebug’ Ponyo

“Meet my rescue dog Ponyo. She’s a ‘Summahhh’ dog. Some of this and some of that. She’s 9 years old, 130 lbs and a total snuggle bug. She’s pro Biden/Harris, loves treats but struggles with daylight savings and often wakes me up an hour too early or an hour too late to feed her by pulling the covers off my bed.”

Annie, the ‘Morkie’

“Annie is a sweet lovable 7-year-old Morkie (Maltese and Yorkie). She is a total love-bug, just want to be cuddled all day!”

Dixie and Chloe, ambassadors for rescue success

“Dixie Bell is our current rescue. She is about 2 years old. Dixie is a former puppy mill dog who was brought into rescue by MARS. I drove from Boston to Rochester, NY to pick her up from a volunteer who brought her from Illinois. She is a bright start in the house. Dixie [has] to learn how to climb stairs, how to trust humans and how to learn that she is now safe and protected. Dixie is now a bouncy, vocal little girl who loves to snuggle. I am fierce advocate of shutting down puppy mills because of the horrific way these animals are treated and Dixie is a true ambassador for rescue and a complete success story.”

“We have been rescuing dogs for over 20 years. All of these dogs chose us for their forever homes, and not a day does not go by that we do not remember those that have left for the ‘Rainbow Bridge.’ Chloe was rescued from Midwest Akita Society at the age of 9 months, She passed in July of this year. Princess, as she was known to everyone, was the heart of this home. Chloe would welcome every new orphan into the house and watch over them. She was voiced her love for everyone with her loud vocals, gave the best kisses and always slept in our bed.”

Adventurous Camden, named after Camden, Maine

“He is a 7-year-old boxer lab mix and the most adventures dog I know. He loves to ski, hike and swim. He has been sledding, tubing behind our boat, sailing and many other activities dogs don’t normally do. He is truly a member of our family. He has dined at restaurants from Newport to the seaport. If we go someplace he needs to be at our side. He is also the best nanny dog. A year ago when my older son was then 3 he had gotten out of bed and was sleep walking. Camden being quick and smart realized what was about to happen and ran down the hallway and stood at the top of the stairs blocking my son from falling down them before my wife was able to catch our son. He is an amazing animal! You can fallow his adventures at #camdenthedog on Instagram.”

Cheese lover, Leo

“Here is Leo. He’s [a] Yorkie who was rescued from a SC puppy mill, he is dressed up in his Top Gun finest for Halloween. Leo loves cheese and is turning 10 years young on Sunday!”

Barney, a Beagle/hound mix from West Roxbury

“This is Barney. He is about four and is a beagle/hound rescue from Tennessee. He lives in West Roxbury and takes care of his mom, four adult kids, and their partners.”

Spoiled pair Luke and Leia

“The black one is Leia, she is a 5-year-old Pitbull mix. She was headed to the shelter at 8 weeks old because her owner was not allowed to have pets in their apartment. We stepped in and adopted her so that she would have a place to call home. She is so spoiled, I always tell my husband that it’s Leia’s house and we’re just allowed to live there.”

“The white one is 6-month-old Luke, he is also a Pitbull mix. We rescued him from Hearts and Bones Rescue in NY in August so that Leia could have a sibling. We drove 8 hours to get him and he was completely worth the drive. He has such a mellow personality the stark opposite of Leia.”

Kayla, who was adopted from the MSPCA in Jamaica Plain

“Kayla, age 6-7, Pit Bull Mix adopted from MSPCA Jamaica Plain 2013. Favorites: salmon and playing fetch. Least favorite: humans going on vacation without her and have to stay at the Palace Suite.”

Bennie, the 4-month-old in Swampscott

“Bennie, 4 month old, Olde English bulldog”

Kira, who rescued her family in return

“Here is Kira. A 4-year-old Doberman Pinscher rescue. After suddenly losing our other Doberman in 2018, we drove non-stop to Florida to adopt this sweet girl from a wonderful organization, Doberman Rescue of Lake Placid, FL. Or should I say, she rescued us.”


“Meet Lola, our 11-month-old rescue pup from Texas, who made second part of our 2020 a very different time than it would have otherwise been.”

Fur-babies Lulu and Finn

“These two cuties are Lulu and Finn, Finn is the baby. They were both adopted from the shelter in Salem and are the cutest! I’m officially a cat lady.”

Model ‘Finn The Ferocious’

“Finbarr is over the moon that there will be pups again in the White House! Known around the neighborhood as ‘Finn the Ferocious’ (not too fierce and actually not very ferocious) is a rescue like Major, from Puerto Rico! He will be 5 in December and we adopted him happily from the wonderful Cape Ann Rescue in Gloucester, when he was 4 months old. It wasn’t long there after that we noticed his beautiful overbite and knew he was meant for the runway! He dreams of his modeling career and passes the time, waiting for any agent to call, at the park and munching on home-cooked meals, as of course he should and does have the first slice! Finn will be waiting and cheering for Major and Champ to be on the nightly news! And maybe someday he will also reach the stardom that he so deserves!”

A dog named Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg, age 5, Labrador Retriever.

Merlin, the Maine Coon curmudgeon

“His name is Merlin Jellicle Guiness and he’d have voted for Biden as well but he’s nine years old so too young.”

Beloved, queen Lucy

“She is the greatest dog in the world! She is a 13-year-old Peek-a-poo born on St. Patricks Day (long live the Irish). She is loved by all especially my daughter and son and she deserves to be recognized and treated like a queen!”

Chance, a blood donor for in need cats

“Attached is a picture of my ‘hero’ cat, Chance. He was a blood donor at Tufts VET.”

Tipitina, the kitten

“There’s never enough discussion about cats in the White House! Attached is a photo of Tipitina. She is a cross between a Maine Coon Cat and a Siamese, and was born on July 25th 2020! She lives in Chocorua, NH at The Farmstand B & B.”

Canine first lady, Olivia

“Olivia, shelter rescue from 3 Dogs Rescue in ME, turning 3 in February. Female, Pomeranian mom, dad’s breed not known (German Shepard, fox?). She’s my first ever dog, got her at 51-years-old, definitely the first-canine-lady of our house.”

Casey, friend to all

“Hello! This is Casey — an almost 7-year-old rescue from AL. Casey is a boxer mix who was very excited to meet this new friend.”

Bentley, a 10-and-a-half year old Shih Tzu

“Bentley is a happy go lucky puppy who loves to chew on potholders, rubber and soft toys. He is a very loyal doggy!”

A 43-year-old Cockatoo, Palmer

“Palmer is [a] 43-year-old Palm Cockatoo. He’s on the CITES endangered list, but he doesn’t know it.”

Patriotic Fauci, named for Dr. Anthony Fauci

“This is Fauci, my family’s 7-month-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Named after Dr. Fauci, he was born during the pandemic and loves treats, walking the beach and patriotism. Can’t wait to see Champ and Major in the White House soon!”

The happy and adventurous, Tobey

“Tobey is a 5-year-old Australian Cattle Dog that’s always up for an adventure. He’s crazy and has brought a lot of happiness (and headaches as heelers will) to people over the years, with 2020 being no exception. Additional Tobey smiles can be found on his instagram: @tobey_tobester.”

Magical Millie

“People say she’s so spoiled…I say no, I just really and truly love her, that’s all…She’s the nicest part of me I know.”

10 years young, Oliver the English Setter

“I would like to introduce you to our little guy, Oliver. He’s an English Setter. We rescued him at 8 months, gave him a proper name (he was “Boy”) and he is now 10 years young. Quite the expression, don’t you think?”

Luna Princess Tuna, pictured on the right

“This is our baby girl Luna Princess Tuna who is 7 months old. Sweetest and most lovable Havanese mutt ever. She has the run of our house. Luna is the youngest member of the Ngai family.
She wasn’t able to cast a vote this election due to her age, but she did [accompany] mommy to the polling station. Luna is photographed here with her cousin, Prince Milo of NYC.”

Bear and Chloe, rescued siblings

“Bear is now 14, a Golden/Chow mix, we rescued 8 years ago, and Chloe, a Papillon/Pom mix, now 11, we rescued 7 years ago. We’re all a great big rescue family now. Bear is now having mobility issues, but we’re handling them. Chloe is still as crazy as ever.”

Skipper, a pandemic puppy

“This is Skipper, he’s a 9-month-old English cream golden retriever. We brought him home in April, right when the pandemic was starting and he has by far been the best thing about 2020!”

Cooper, a New Hampshire family man

“This is Cooper, our two-year old Bernese Mountain Dog. He is very smart, laid-back, and extremely devoted to his family. We got him as a puppy in upstate Michigan — 900 miles each way. It was definitely worth the trip!”

Zoom call assistant, Ciaran Eamon

“I would like to introduce you to my special pet, Ciaran Eamon Carrigg. (Kher-rahn E-min). He rescued me as much as I rescued him from the Animal Rescue League in January 2012. He is cousin to Calvin Sutherlin, who has also sent photos. Ciaran is 8 years old, and is the ruler of our condo. Favorite activities include, sleeping on the king size bed (he lets Momma sleep there too), daily brush-brush to keep his coat shiny, walking the common area hallway, and of course breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late night dinner. With the lockdown due to Covid, Ciaran has been the best assistant for his Momma’s daily video meetings for work. He is happy to be paid in tuna and chicken livers. Ciaran is also very active on social media and can be found on Instagram @ciaran_eamon.”

Jet, a patriotic black lab

“Our 7-year-old black lab was named Jet by my late father after the 1st dog we had when I was a kid. My wife Lilly and daughter Raquel got him from Cause for Paws Ohio. Much like Patrick and Jessica’s NEADS service dog ‘Rescue,’ Jet acts as a physical and emotional therapy pet as I am a colon cancer survivor. Attached are photos of Jet with my Dad, as a puppy, and with Lilly and I at a 5-mile race on Veterans [Day] where I wore my brother’s flight suit, my Mom’s USAAF patch, carried my father’s Corps of Engineers flag, and a Navy cap in honor of my grandfather Lt. Cmdr. Owen Huff, Capt. of the USS Constitution in 1945.”

John Cavanaugh’s late father, a veteran, with then puppy, Jet.

Wily Mo, a cute Boston terrier in Natick

“Here is my Wily Mo who is a 14-years-and-3-months-old Boston Terrier, which as you probably know is the MA state dog. He was born in the living room of my Natick home, pictured here and named after the former Red Sox player Wily Mo Pena. But Willie was also my father’s nickname and he adored this boy who was twice as big as his two sisters. For Wily, our little yellow Cape, is his ‘White House’ where he governs with kisses and grace.”

Peanut butter lover, Charlie

“This is my beautiful baby boy Charlie. He is 7 years old and loves peanut butter, barking at cartoon dogs and short walks to the couch. He’s very excited about dogs being back in the White House.”

Mouffette, a multi-colored cat

“My cat’s name is Mouffette and she is 14. I adopted her from the Salem Animal Rescue League in Salem, NH. Her name is the French word for skunk. I chose it because she has a white stripe down her back.”

Willie, a well-traveled Yorkie

“This is Willie, a Yorkshire Terrier (his real name is “Camelot vom Woogthal). He was born in Germany, is 3 years old and weights 7.3 lbs. He is steelblue and tan. He likes to spend the winters in Florida and the summers in Germany and Boston.”

A TV fanatic named Maddie

“This is Maddie Wynn, she is a 6-month-old Wire Fox Terrier. Although currently residing in NYC, she is a Boston girl at heart. Her owner Gary Wynn is a Boston native and sports nut living in Manhattan. Everyday is something special with her. She is loyal, loving, precious, a TV addict and a joy to be around.”

“Watching the Patriots.” – B. Wynn

Berry, the 15-month-old lab in training

“I became a weekend puppy raiser for America’s Vet Dogs/The Guide Dog Foundation in October 2019. Berry was raised by an inmate at a local prison during the week, and my job was to socialize him on the weekends. Since the prisons closed to outsiders because of Covid in March, I’ve had Berry full time since April 1. He is such a good, smart boy, with the biggest smile. He will leave for more advanced training any day so he can hopefully be placed with a veteran or first responder.”


“His name is Gelato, yes… just like the Italian ice cream lol. He is 10 years old. Breed…ShuPom.”

Ace Lobo and Max ‘voted’

“Max, who is a rescued Pembroke Welsh Corgi , who is about 11. Happy to have Champ and Major in the WH!”

“Meet Ace Lobo. He too [like Champ and Major Biden] is a German Shepherd Dog shelter dog and is about 5 years old.”

Festive Phillie, a cat in Somerville

“This is my cat Phillie! I adopted her through the Pennsylvania SPCA when I attended graduate school at Temple University! She is 9 years old and has lived in Brighton, South Boston and now Somerville! Although she doesn’t always love her holiday outfits, my husband and I love her sass, silliness and cuddles everyday! She was excited that Champ and Major’s dad won the election, since he is from Pennsylvania too!”

Merlot, or ‘Lo’ for short

“She is a 3.5-year-old yellow lab rescue. She loves to run, cuddle, wear bandanas, and look out the window. She thinks she’s the neighborhood watch dog!”

Ring bearer, Frankie

“This is Frankie. He’s a 1.5-year-old Yorkie mix who found his forever home with us in September. On Tuesday, he helped his dad pop the question to his mom!”

Basset Hound sisters Cate and Megan

“They are basset hound sisters, who are rescues from North Carolina. Big sister Cate, on the left, is 6 years old. Little sister Megan, on the right, is 4 years old. Aside from being sisters, they are BFF’s, and love to play and wrestle with each other. They also love to cuddle together for naps when they are not wrestling.”

Head-tilting cutie, Meli

“This is Meli and she is a reverse brindle boxer. She is 7 years old. In this photo she is wondering why Donald Trump will not concede when he has clearly lost to Joe Biden. We will happily be following Major and Champ at #dotus!!”

Dapper boy, Notorious C.A.T.

“Name: The Notorious C.A.T. (Bubba Kitty.) Age: 5 years 10 months (But who’s counting!) Type: Tuxie. The Notorious C.A.T. came to us after his stint living on the mean streets. He is a rescue with lots of street cred, hence the name! We adopted him on 12/23/16. Though FIV+, (do not be afraid to adopt a FIV+ cat, he shows no symptoms) we plan on giving him the BEST life he can have. He will forever be the best Christmas present I ever received. Always dressed to impress, he is a very dapper boy. He runs our house and we’re okay with that. He is my EVERYTHING! I never knew I could love a cat as much as I do until we got him. He is beside me on the couch as I type and my heart is bursting! I love him to the moon and back!!!”

Lily, 10-year-old Cockapoo

“Lily is a joyful Cockapoo whom enjoys running, treats and playing with her 3 siblings. Her true love, however, is using a tennis ball as her ‘pacifier’ and playing fetch.”

Phoebe Caulfield Swain, stylish Havanese

“My dog, Phoebe. She’s a 12-pound, 7-year-old Havanese. We live in Winchester. I named Phoebe after a character from my favorite novel, ‘Catcher in the Rye,’ so her full name is Phoebe Caulfield Swain. As you can see, Phoebe has an active dating profile, debuted as Toto in Winchester Cooperative Theatre’s production of The Wizard of Oz and is not a fan Halloween costumes. I love her with all my heart.”

Two amazing ‘skinny pigs’

“7-week-old skinny pigs (i.e., naked guinea pigs) Calliope (lighter one) and Koala (darker one). They participated in an election day photo shoot.”

Koala shows her support for President-elect Joe Biden and his running mate, Kamala Harris.

Bishop, a star of his own

“Bishop is a 10-year-old Yorkiepoo (we think)—we kept the lofty name he arrived with when we adopted each other 5 years ago. Bishop deserves to be a star! He’s over the moon about dogs returning to the White House, especially a rescued one.”

Wonderful pair Henry and Rosita

“Henry is six years old and was rescued from Camden, SC and we adopted him in 2014 from Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury. Rosita is a three-year-old sato and was rescued from Puerto Rico and we adopted her from Buddy Dog. For ID purposes, Henry is the larger and darker one. They are a wonderful pair and my inspiration for Kobe Henro Pet Food Bank, a pet food bank I just launched last month to help deliver donated pet foods to local food pantries.”

Siberian forest kitten, Sonia

“Attached are some photos of Sonia, the Siberian Forest kitten (her Siberian Forest Cat breed is relatively rare in the U.S.). She is 21 weeks old this week, and I think she meows in Russian. Sonia has her own perspectives from which to observe the world, such as upside down, from a height, and from behind a computer screen. She is a skilled pole dancer, acrobat with lamp shades, TV watching companion, lap kitty, playmate, and champion napper. Her observational skills and morning patrol of my entire condo would be excellent assets for living in the White House, and her loud purring would help people stay calm.”

Baby Josie

“Her name is Josie and she is now 4 months old.”

Miles, the Airedale terrier

“This is Miles, an Airedale terrier, age 9. Here he is at Macedonia State Park in Kent, CT.”

Bailey, a smiling rescue in Wayland

“The first dog of the Krowne family is Bailey. Adopted from Save-A-Dog in Sudbury in November, 2009. Age 11, a combination of German Shepard and Black Lab, always smiling, and of course the love of our life.”

Khan, a ‘Shepski’

“He’s a Shepski rescued from Alabama. We adopted him 4 years ago when he was approximately 6 months old. He’s a good boy and enjoying his family in Massachusetts.”

Blue Moon and Song in Connecticut

“Blue Moon (the Pumi in back) and Song, our Cairn Terrier. Blue Moon is just 2 years old. Song is 10 going on 5.”

Winnie in Newton

“Here is a photo of Winnie Margolis, age 3, yellow labrador retriever. She lives in Newton.”

7 month old Horton

“His name is Horton. 7 months old. He is a rescue and is part Golden retriever and Australian Shepherd according to the pet adoption folks.”

Elvis the Irish

“This is a photo of my dog, Elvis. I adopted him from Limerick Animal Welfare several years ago. He is a great dog.”

Winnie the Bernese Mountain Dog

“This is Winnie Dipietro. She is a 2-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog. Winnie loves eating leaves, laying on the coldest floor in the house, belly rubs, and most of all…peanut butter. She enjoys saying hi to every new four and two legged friend she meets! Feel free to follow her adventures on Instagram at windip_thebostonberner”

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